Tuesday, September 18, 2018

2fer Tuesday.


Who knew there was such a thing as
 'Ice-Cream Treats for Dogs'???

Not me...
Which is why I picked up a box when I was at the store earlier today looking for ice-cream for my friend. 

You can see how Cubby reacted to em if you follow me on my IG Stories...

Spoiler alert - - I wouldn't recommend them. 😅

Yes, Yes and YES!!!!


Polka Dots and Stripes! My fave.

LOVE these pumpkin candlesticks!

SUPER cute, right??

Also - who else hates it when your local Wal-mart or Target or grocery store changes around their ENTIRE store so that you can't find ANYTHING!?!?

I know I'm getting old {and this is totally something I can hear my grandpa complaining about} but....this happened to me yesterday at my Wal-mart and it TOTALLY bugged.

Rant.  Over.

Monday, September 17, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday morning started off with breakfast at The Farmhouse with one of my very favorite people on the planet!
Bacon, egg and cheese scramble
Their Diet Coke's are ginormous!

I used to BABY-SIT! for Chris' cute girls back in the day.
Now...her girls are all grown up {one lives here in AZ!} and it makes me feel oh so old!

* Afterwards, I headed over to London's school to do the bulletin board for her classroom. Her teacher told me she wanted me to hang up their Art Masterpiece work and so this is what I came up with...

I seriously have a weird ob-sesh with how much I LOVE doing these!!

Lunch in the {smelly} cafeteria with London and her friend afterwards...

Seriously though...why are elementary school cafeterias SO dang stinky?

* I made a peach cobbler Friday afternoon with FRESH Utah peaches that my mom gave to me...

I tend to lay the topping on extra thick because I love it so.
I also add cinnamon to my peaches, after adding the sugar.

*The boys had tumbling on Friday night and so Joe and I took London and her sweet cousin out to dinner at Moreno's.

* Saturday morning chores followed by a little ice-cold refreshment at Bahama Bucks.
{It was 111 degrees over the weekend!!!!}

One of these kids had a brain freeze while I was taking this pic.  Can you tell who?

* Saturday night we picked up my parents and headed down to Tucson to watch my alma mater SUU play football against U of A.

We stopped for dinner at El Charro...

...which was just meh.
We had high hopes for this place since it was the 'home of the original chimichanga' but we all ended up thinking it was just o...k.

We had SO MUCH FUN at this game....even though our team got C-R-E-A-M-E-D!

We will ALWAYS route for our T-birds!!
Especially when they're up against the Wild Cats who we LOATHE! {My husband and boys are Sun Devil fan!!}

Our lifelong friend Shon hooked us up with the tickets and we couldn't have been more grateful! It was SO fun to see him.

{Also - check the girl in the glasses next to London.  We have NO idea who she is 😂 Best.  Photobomb.  Ever.}

My years at SUU were some of the best!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

I had a Stake Womens Conference committee meeting at our house on Sunday night.

You guys! 
I am SO very excited about this event. 

It is going to be so fantastic!! 
I have THE BEST group of women working together to make this night a success and I could not be more thrilled.  

Friday, September 14, 2018

Fun Finds Friday.

I love it when I browse thru the $ bins at Target and they've put out NEW stuff!

These cute little things are CANDLES and they come in all different fall-ish flavors!
{You take the lid off first, of course😂.}

Everything about these I LOVE!
I didn't buy any but I'm going back to do so.
The more I look at them, the more I want/need them!

If you're planning to BOO people this Halloween...they have these cute tags back in the Fall/Halloween section.  

And how much do we LOVE this felt wreath???

Speaking of felt...back in the $ bins...

...they have succulent FELT banners that are OH SO cute!


Might have to see if FORTNITE has closed captions 
Who's with me?

Also, also....

Whhhhyyyyyyy is this style coming back in?????

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Pumpkin Bread! Zuchinni Bread! Banana Bread oh MY!

I always feel it my 'duty' to post my 3 favorite fall-ish bread recipes around this same exact time every year.  

Because even though it doesn't FEEL like fall outside....gosh darn it, my house is going to SMELL like it!!

So enjoy!

{Side note: These are all super moist.  And you know how I hate that word but it's the best word to describe em.  
Excuse me while I go and vomit now.}

Recipe HERE

Recipe HERE

Recipe HERE

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

2fer Tuesday.

2 {Pumpkin-y} Things You 
Should Know About:

Panera now sells PUMPKIN muffin tops.
{AND I should mention...they have a drive-thru!}

They're divine and the one I ate this morning probably went STRAIGHT to my own muffin top.

This candle is my new fave.

Normally I go with the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle but last week when we were in B&B Works, I let London choose.

It's currently burning in my house right now and I'm dreaming of the days when it's cool enough to open up my windows and feel a breeze while I work around my house. 
{Isn't that THE best?}


And I just can't risk it!!

Ok - - Disneyland Peeps!

There is a gal on IG named 'DisneylandTourGuide' and she seriously gives the BEST tips ever!!

A few weeks ago she let us in on a secret:

You can get ANY recipe you want from the Disneyland Parks just by going to the Main Street office and asking for it!

It's true!!

I'm making a list for my next trip.

The Pizza Port's 'Countdown Chicken Fussili' is one of our family favorites.  Can't wait to try it!

Monday, September 10, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I got the kiddies off to school and then headed to the Temple.

I love walking outside of the temple and seeing all of the gorgeous flowers planted everywhere.  The purple ones always stand straight out to me. 
{Anything purple does, really}.

* Afterwards I stopped for a treat at Swig
{Why can't every treat place have a drive thru?
 Is that too much to ask?}

Ok....I tried their salted caramel toffee SCONE {with a Diet Coke, of course} and OH MY GOSH you guys!!!!! I've been dreaming of it ever since!!!

The texture and flavor were PERFECT!!!
I want another one!!!

* Worked on Etsy stuff the rest of the day and then Joe and I met some of our very dearest friends for dinner at Zinburger on Friday night.

{Missed you Dave and Tiff!}
It's so wonderful to have friends that you can go without seeing for weeks {sometimes MONTHS!} and then you just magically pick up where you left off from the last time you were all together.  These friends have become like family to us and we sure do cherish our friendship with them.

Side note: the zuchinni fries at Zinburger are a MUST try!  

* Saturday the kids had a Dance Convention to attend in Phoenix.

They all 3 got to attend a master Hip-Hop class together and it was SO fun to peek in and see them dancing together. 

Makes my momma heart so proud to see them all doing something that they LOVE to do TOGETHER!

* Saturday night Joe and I attended the adult session of our Stake Conference.  If I'm being honest...I didn't really wanna go.  I wasn't feeling so hot but knew we should probably be there.  We went and...gosh dang if it wasn't the best meeting EVER!!!  I am so glad we were there.

It was all about 'Ministering' to our spouses, our children, our neighbors and it was EVERYTHING I needed to hear.

Two of my favorite quotes from the evening:

"Loving or Ministering is a choice we make."

"True forgiveness is when you remember...but you choose to forget."

* Sunday morning I stayed home from church because I still was feeling...not so hot.  

I spent most of the day typing up my Grandpa's letters from WW2.  I'll spare you the gushy-ness I feel when I type these letters up.  Just know....they've been life changing for me.  

* London chose a movie on Netflix for us all to watch.

Oh my goodness...such a cute movie.
Even the boys liked it!!

* We had our usual pot roast and mashed potatoes for dinner on Sunday night with glazed carrots and biscuits and it made for the perfect ending to a pretty darn good weekend.

Friday, September 7, 2018

{More} Christmas Ornaments.

Who's ready for the weekend?

Thank you for ALL of your sweet messages about the latest goodies in my Etsy shop. I am SO glad you like them.  There will be MORE...so keep checking back within the next few weeks.

Tonight...I'm sharing with you just a few more of my favorites...

Remember the true meaning of Christmas with these chipboard Christmas tree tags displaying the many names of Jesus Christ. 

Set of 8 HERE

I just love the metal look lately, don't you?

Each of these ornaments comes with the year on the back.

I Am a Child of God Snowflakes HERE

Peace in Christ Snowflakes HERE

Lastly...the natural wood look....

Love the simplicity of this one.

Natural wood Peace in Christ HERE.