Friday, January 5, 2018

Fun Finds Friday.

Happy Fri-YAY!!!

My kids don't go back to school until Tuesday and I really have mixed emotions about it.

It has been sooooo x 10 nice not having a schedule.

Confession: I've been sleeping in til 10:00 every morning!!

We've been staying up late and relaxing and I feel like it's just what we've all needed.

That said - - I have not gotten my usual shopping trips in.
I feel like the whole month of December was just one big whirlwind and now here we are.

How did it fly by so fast and where did the time go???

Also: I always get a little blue after the holidays.
I've torn down all of my decorations and now my house just feels naked.  
I hate that it's all over.
I need something to look forward to.
Who's with me?

Anyhoozle - - the GOOD news is - - my blogging schedule should be back to somewhat regular now!

And...I'm filling my Etsy shop with LOTS of new stuff in the next couple of weeks so HOORAY for that!

Carson says London's messy bun today looked
 like the poop emoji.
He's not wrong.


Who can relate to this??!

Teacher Friends! You all need this😂
Spotted it at Wal-mart yesterday.
And we ALL KNOW that if you're a teacher - - you have that 'special' voice.

Over at Target they're slowly stocking their $ bins with Valentines goodness...

How fun would it be to throw a GAL-entine party, right??

But if you loathe the holiday...

There's always this, too.😂

Stop it right now!
Who wasn't obsessed with the game MASH as a pre-pubescent girl??

I feel like I should buy this for me my kids.

Lastly - - some good words of wisdom - -

 I can't tell you how much I love this!!!

I'm sure we ALL have at least one New Years Resolution to change the way we look {aka lose weight , work out more, add muscle...blah blah blah} and that's ok ....

but THIS QUOTE hits the nail right on the head!!!!!

Gosh, I hope I can raise London with this philosophy.

Ladies! We can be so much more than just "pretty"!!

Own that!

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