Tuesday, January 2, 2018

January Visiting Teaching Handout.

I think I'm still in denial that the holidays are over and that the new year is here! Why oh why must time fly by so darn fast??

I'm super excited about the recent changes that have been made to the Visiting Teaching program

As stated it says:

Rather than provide a specific message, each month will feature a different principle to help us minister more effectively to each other. As you pray and seek inspiration, you will know the spiritual message and service each sister needs.

So basically - - the message each month is up to US! 

I'll continue posting each month what I come up with and I hope that it helps YOU and YOUR sisters out!

My handout this month comes from Presdient Uchtdorf's talk 

I feel like EVERYONE needs a good reminder to make a few USEFUL New Years Resolutions this time of year. And of course....President Uchtdorf always says it BEST!

Who's with me?

All you'll need to go along with this handout is 
MY FAVORITE CANDY on the planet - - REESE'S!

You could do Reese's PB cups, Reese's Pieces, Reese's snack mix - - the list goes on...

{Fun Fact: Reese's PB cups are 10x better when they've been in the refrigerator. They're also 11x better when eaten with a side of Diet Coke.}

To download a copy of my FREE Reeses Resolutions handout click HERE.

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Happy Visiting Teaching!



  1. You are soo amazing. I love everything that you do.

    1. You are so sweet - I am so glad you enjoy it all. Thanks for commenting! Xoxo

  2. I love your material and seem to use it every month. I teach RS and this year it will be quite different. Any chance you might be doing a graphic for the following talks I need to teach: Needs before Us, Fear Not to Do Good, By divine Design, Love One Another

    1. Not at this time. I do provide custom printables thru my Etsy shop - I can make them however you like for a $15 fee.

  3. I love this candy as well. Going to give the refrigerator a try. Oh never mind, I forgot about my new years diet! thanks for another great idea. You always pull through for me!

    1. The refrigerator trick is a game changer!! Thanks for your sweet words - xoxo

  4. As ALWAYS you are AMAZING!! Thank you so much for posting these. I look forward to them every month!!

    1. You are SO welcome. I’m so glad you enjoy them. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!! Xoxo

  5. SO cute! Thanks for sharing. Your site is my go-to!

    1. You are so welcome. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!! Xoxo

  6. You are the best! love you on Pintrest

  7. You have no idea how much time you save me every month! I used to visit a bunch of different sites looking for the best VT printables but now I just come here because I know I am going to love whatever you created. Thank you so much for sharing your talents! You are awesome.

  8. The word “wise” is repeated. The people I visit didn’t notice though! I love this one!

  9. Ahh - thanks for recognizing that - - it's been fixed! xoxo


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