Monday, January 1, 2018

This {New Year's} Weekend:

* Friday morning started out at the pediatrician.

London had a yucky, little cough but after a thorough check-up - - we found it was just a little virus.  

I have a love/hate relationship with viruses.
Love that they're not serious and go away with time.
Hate that there's no medicine that can be given to speed up the recovery.

* I met up with my parents and siblings {minus one} at Joe's office on Friday afternoon. Joe started working with a new company a few months ago and they all wanted to check out his new digs.

We are so grateful for the breath of fresh air this company is.
It's so nice to have Joe LOVE going to work.
Everyone is so nice and professional and we couldn't be more grateful.

Lunch with the gang afterwards HERE.

It's right down the road from Joe's office and it's my new fave Philly Cheesesteak place.

Plus! They have fry sauce - - a novelty here in AZ.

* Friday night we stayed in and ordered pizza...

Joe and the boys started watching Stranger Things.
I started watching the 2nd season of The Crown {LoVe!}
And London watched Barbie and the Dreamhouse.

* More pizza on Saturday at Costco.

{And yes...I still loathe going to Costco on a Saturday but we NEEDED toilet paper.  And trash bags.😅}

* We swung by the dog park on Saturday night...

London and her cute cousin 
It was 66 degrees and we froze our behinds off.


Cubby had a blast per usual and finished the evening off by stealing all of Joe's Diet Mt. Dew afterwards...

Seriously.....NOSE DEEP!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
{It was our last Sunday with 8:30 AM Sacrament - - yahoo!!}

I had to speak in our Sacrament meeting.
I was given Elder Holland's talk "The Best is Yet to Be" to base my talk after...

Such a good read.
Studying this talk in preparation for mine was just what I needed at this start of the New Year.

* Joe and I subbed in Carson's class...

I love this guy.
Watching him teach the youth about the Gospel of Jesus Christ makes me smile.

* Sunday night {New Year's Eve} we had my side of the family over for games, food and to ring in the New Year!

We watched the ball drop with NY time because who really wants to stay up til midnight anyways?

* We celebrated New Years day today by taking the boys to see...

Super funny - - we all loved it!

* Spent the rest of my day tearing down all of my Christmas decor.

Now my house looks bare and needs to be cleaned.

Thank goodness for one more week of winter break and sleeping in!!!

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