Sunday, January 7, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday we worked on chores and then headed out to lunch to visit our very favorite 3rd grade teacher.

All 3 of my kids have had Mrs. Buist {London has her this year!} and she waitresses every once in awhile at one of our very favorite restaurants - - Oregano's!

Best food ever and their pizza cookie is what dreams are made of!!!

* Friday night I helped out at my friend's daughters wedding reception.

You guys!!! This donut board!!!!..........

I've decided EVERY reception needs one of these.


Grateful for these 2 ladies who so willingly helped me out that night.  We had a blast!

* Saturday was spent doing a Wal-mart run, sorting thru mail and finally putting my house back together after the messiness of the holidays.

I busted out my Valentines decor...

and TRIED to get myself organized for the new year.

* Saturday night we headed over to our dear friends' home for pizza, games and chatting.

There are a few families of us who have known each other since before we started having kids and it's always SO MUCH FUN to get together with everyone.

We laugh our heads off with them.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
NEW TIME!!!!! 
10:30 start time was glorious.

LOOOOVE these quotes from President Monson.

* We grilled cheeseburgers for Sunday dinner.

Yup - the weather here is DREAMY and our windows are open.  

My kind of winter!!

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