Monday, January 15, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday I started out here...

I know I alway say this but...
Gosh, I love this place.
More than you even know.

* Breakfast afterwards...

...all by my very own self.
Someburro's breakfast burritos are where it's at! 
And who says you can't have chips and salsa for breakfast?
{Their Diet Coke is also the bomb.}

* Cubby had a dr's checkup at the vet...

You guys!!!
His long weiner dog body!!!!
I can't stand how much I love it!!!!
And him!!!

{Fun Fact: We've had him ONE YEAR TODAY!}

* Date night with some of our favorite friends on Friday night.

Locals: If you have not tried out Singing Pandas yet - YOU MUST! It's my FAVORITE chinese food in all of AZ.
It's the CLOSEST thing I've found to back east chinese food.

Things you should know about this place before going:
- They have live entertainment in the evenings.
Friday night it was their impersonator and WE DIED LAUGHING!!!!

- From the outside - - it looks totally sketchy.
Face your fears and just go in.
It's 'nice' on the inside, I promise­čśé

- If you're going on the weekend, you'll need a reservation

- Their orange chicken is DEEEEE-VIIINNNEE!

* Dessert afterwards at a new spot!

Love, Love, LOVED it!
Locals: It's at San Tan mall.
Soft cookies with delish ice-cream in between.
My kind of sandwich!!!

* Saturday we attended a sweet little baptism for one of our dear friends....

A rainbow themed party at their house afterwards...

So fun.
I swear, I can't go to a baptism without getting a 
little teary eyed.

* Saturday night, Grant and London hung out with friends, Joe and Carson watched a movie and I worked on NEW STUFF for my Etsy shop! {Cannot wait to share with you!}

While working away on my computer - - I listened to THIS song close to 5,792 times.

Not.  Even.  Joking.

I have GOT to go and see this movie again.

Fun Fact: This girl....

A fellow T-Bird representing!!!!!!!
Makes me love her EVEN more.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
In Relief Society we discussed THIS talk.

"If we persevere, then somewhere in eternity our refinement will be finished and complete."

LOVE the hope that these words bring.
Such good words of wisdom.

* Fell asleep on the couch after church for a solid 2 hours.
LOOOOVING our new church time.



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