Monday, January 22, 2018

This Weekend:

* I was so relieved it was Friday that I celebrated a little bit by going to Goodwill.  I know, I know, I'm so wild and crazy!

Their books though guys!!!
They kill me!
{Follow my IG stories for my #goodwillbookfinds}.

* Tried to get some work done around my house but mostly avoided it.  {Story of my life!}

* Went for a Friday afternoon drink and cookie run with one of my favorite friends...

You guys! Have you tried Swig's coconut chocolate chip cookie??? i just discovered it and it's my new fave!
Tastes like an Almond Joy bar.

* We stayed in Friday night.
Ate taco salad for dinner.

This meal cracks me up.
It's by far the easiest thing EVER to make yet - - its my kids' FAVORITE!!!

Such an easy to please bunch 😂

* Afterwards, we celebrated Grant making his junior high talent show and Carson rocking it in his school's running club race with a trip to the DQ for some ice-cream.

Only one of my kids would choose a soda at Circle K over ice-cream....😂😂😂

* We sent the kiddies upstairs when we got home so we could vegg out on the couch and watch our shows.

Oh - - and we also celebrated National POPCORN day...

Please oh please tell me you saw the 20/20 on this family:



There are no accurate words to describe the atrocity of this situation.  WE WERE FLOORED!!!!!!

It boggles my mind.

Also - - I think as part of the punishment for the dad, he should have to shave that nasty haircut away.

* Saturday morning we all slept in and it was glorious.

Don't tell my kids I'm telling you this but....
they still LOVE to get in bed with us for Saturday morning snuggles.


Usually, it just involves Cubby stepping on everyone and licking their faces but I'll take the fact that my kids still want to be around us!!😆

* We checked out a new soda shop in town on Saturday afternoon....

The Coombs have never been known to pass up $1 drinks and cookies!!

We had to get one of each {ok we didn't have to but - - $1!! come on!} and the winners were the chocolate chip and the snickerdoodle.

Also - - fun fact about myself.
I love going to these soda shops but I ALWAYS get just straight up Diet Coke.  SOMETIMES with a fresh lime.

Never any mix-ins.
Who am I?

Honestly - - I go for the cookies.

* The rest of my day was spent organizing my craft room 
{yet again...}

....and creating MORE NEW PRINTABLES for 

Sneek Peek:

Cannot WAIT to share these goodies with you tomorrow!!
{Maybe even tonight if I get my bum in gear.}

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
As part of my calling in our stake, I get to visit different wards when it's their ward conferences.

Luckily, this past weekend I didn't have to teach {yet} so I just got to sit back and be spiritually fed.

The theme for our ward conferences is:

It's been so great learning about how WE can become rooted up in Jesus Christ.  I just love this discussion.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


Lots of FUN on tap for this week:

* Grant's junior high school talent show.
There's a $50 cash prize involved so he's pretty stoked.

* Daddy/Daughter dance for Joe and London.

* JOE'S 40th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!
We are getting OLD you guys!


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  1. Enjoy your Goodwill finds, I am not on IG, might have to create an account so I can follow you for stories.
    Love that your kiddos still want to "cuddle" with you in bed. My youngest is in 7th grade and he still will hold my hand sometimes:)


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