Monday, January 29, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday morning temple trip.

2 things I LOVE about this pic:
1. The flowers on the temple grounds - - THEY'RE GORG!
2. My temple bag = my Grandma's vintage suitcase
It's like I take her with me {in spirit} every time.
* Errands afterwards.
However...I had my fancy high heel booties on and I'm not so sure how you high heeled lovers do it.

I actually cut my errands SHORT because my feet were killing me so bad.😅

Flip flops or BUST!

* Dinner date with the boys on Friday night HERE.

Carson practically LICKS the bean dip bowl clean EVERY time. Also - - their mini chimis with jalapeno cream cheese is where it's at.

Joe and Londy
 went to the school DADDY DAUGHTER dance!

This event is OH SO SWEET and I LOVE that I get to spy help out at it each year.

* Saturday morning walk with Cubby and our newest roller-skater....

I love that EVERY time she falls she yells,
"I'm OK!"

* Joe went into work Saturday afternoon, the kids hung out with friends and I treated myself to a MUCH needed pedicure...


Like - - really, really nasty.

Like - - I felt BAD for the poor lady who had to work on my feet - - NASTY!

I killed time while they were scrubbing away on my feet reading up on how accurate 'The Crown' is.

Anyone else obsessed?
Anyone else SUPER bummed that the actors and actresses change next season?

* Date night with some of our favorite friends on Saturday night.  We ate HERE - - it's a local favorite and EVERYTHING I've ever had there is SO GOOD.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
It was my turn to teach for the 2 ward conferences that we visited...

I showed THIS short clip at the beginning of my lesson.
I just love the tree and roots analogy.  

6 hours straight of church is no joke!

* We went over to Joe's parents house for Sunday dinner.
We all met at the park first and launched some rockets - -
 my kids LOVE this activity!

We brought Cubby along and he was THIRSTY!

We had delicious lasagna, salad, rolls and all sorts of desserts afterwards...

These 3 cousins LOVE playing 'house' in Grandma's guest room.

Aren't they the sweetest?

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