Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Leadership Cinnamon Roll Tags.

Last week I held a meeting at my house for all of the ward Relief Society counselors over the 'additional meetings' aka but not really Enrichment nights. 

It was so fun to get together and hear everyone's ideas of activities that have WORKED in their wards...and even some that didn't.

Since I hosted the meeting as part of my calling - - I wanted to make sure EACH lady felt loved and appreciated for the hard work that they do in their ward. 

There's a bakery nearby where I live {thankfully it's actually like 20 minutes away. Otherwise I'd be there every day.}

They make THE MOST DELICIOUS orange rolls EVER.

They're my go - to spot when I wanna spoil someone with a treat. 

Any type of sweet roll would work with these tags!

I've made up 3 different sets:
One for Ward
One for Stake
One left blank...see below...

These could be used for everything from church callings to school teachers to PTO.....and on and on!

Tie a ribbon around em and attach the tag and wa-lah!

For details and to purchase go HERE.

By purchasing - you'll automatically receive ALL 3 files to download and print however many times you need!


Sunday, February 25, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday was London's 9th BIRTHDAY!!!

We woke up bright and early, opened presents and ooh'd and ahh'd at all of her cute baby photos {per tradish} on the kitchen table.

This girl is EASY to PLEASE.

I think one of her most favorite presents was the 4 pack of cream soda - - all for herself! 😝

* We met up with one of her besties for breakfast...

I brought her Chick Fil-A for lunch and we celebrated in her classroom with cupcakes!

She and her 3rd grade teacher have bdays just one day apart so it was SO fun for her to get to celebrate their birthdays together.

* Dinner at Texas Roadhouse {per her request}...

And then cake and ice-cream back at our house with some of our favorite friends...

My sweet friend made her cake and it was equally as delish as it looks!

* Saturday was full of lots of running around from point A to point B back to point A.  Anyone else feel this way on Saturdays? 

* Saturday night we had the privledge of attending the HRC dinner that my brother Kirk just so happened to be the chairman over.

We were just missing my sweet dad who was home sick.

Kirk and Adam
I am so proud of my brother. 
He pretty much planned and executed this entire event {there were 400 people there!} and it went off without a hitch.

He's sort of a big deal.

The dinner was fancy and delish!

We loved being there to support him!

Actor Haaz Sleiman was one of the speakers there and we all fan girl crushed on him.😛

Thanks Kirk, for such a wonderful, memorable evening!!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
We attended our Stake Conference and it was so great!

One of my favorite quotes from the session:

"Faith in the Lord also requires us to have faith in his timing."

* We came home and London and I made {TRIED to make!} bath bombs....

It was an epic fail.
Some things are just better meant to buy - - am I right?

* Fun friends over for dinner Sunday night.
Joe grilled up some mean cheeseburgers and my friend brought the most dee-lish Carmelitas for dessert.

My 💜 is full after this weekend.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Birthday Week: Baptism Party {Great to be 8!}

Last year London turned EIGHT which is a pretty big deal.
In our church - that's the age you have to be to get baptized.

To say she was excited is an understatement!

We threw a little party at our house after this special event and it was so fun!

All of the refreshments were titled after a primary song.

For all of the details of our festivities click HERE.

For my Great to be EIGHT Baptism Printables go HERE.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Birthday Week: Puppy Party

It's London's BIRTHDAY WEEK this week!

Thankfully...this year is our off year from having a friend party. {Phew!} We have friend parties every other year.

For the next few days I'll be sharing some of my very favorite parties of hers - - starting with her PUPPY party from last year.

We had just gotten our dog Cubby a few weeks prior to this party so it made things EXTRA exciting for her. 

For ALL of the details from this fun event go HERE.

Also - - you can purchase my 

Monday, February 19, 2018

This Weekend:

*Friday morning visit HERE.

It really is the perfect way to start your weekend.

* I had a few things to get done afterwards and one of those things just happened to be right by a Goodwill so going inside was a no-brainer.

I feel like I should've bought this.

* Friday afternoon my cute friend treated the kids to Bahama Bucks.

Fun Fact: Shaved ice {or whatever you call this stuff} is pretty much the ONLY sweet I can pass on. 

* Date night for Joe and I Friday night. 

We wanted to be extra fancy so we kicked it at the Cracker Barrel.😂

{Seriously...I really do love this place. Their store, their food...yum!}

Also - - THIS CAKE!!!

We came back home to this...

* Saturday was Grant's first ever official HIP HOP competition....

These kids did a phenomenal job and placed 1st in their division and 3rd overall.  Could not be more proud of them!

* No churchey-church for the kids and I on Sunday.👎

* Crock-pot chicken and rice {my kids' FAVORITE meal EVER} for dinner followed by a walk around the 'hood Sunday night.

Arizona skies are my favorite.


Thursday, February 15, 2018

St. Patty's Day inspiration.

Valentine's Day is over and it looks Cupid threw up on my kitchen table.

Anyone else?

Oh - - and I got NOT ONE picture during the entire day.
How does that happen??

Oh well.
The kids were loved...
My husband was loved....
And I felt loved.

That's all that matters, right? 


Hoping to get out some GREEN decorations this weekend.
But...they won't stay up super long becuase Easter is on April 1st this year!! And I LOOOOVE Easter decorations way more than St. Patty's Day.

Anyhoozle - - here are some ideas to get your St. Patrick's Day ideas flowing....

Loving this printable for PINCH PROOF punch found over at

Every year I make Pistachio bread....

It is SOOOO yummy and actually takes like a cake.
Bread sounds a lil more healthy though so we'll stick with bread.
Recipe HERE

One year when our kids were younger we died the toilet water green and left leprauchan foot prints!!

They died!

Details HERE

Lastly - - one of my VERY FAVORITE memories from St. Patrick's Day was the year that I helped put on a special breakfast for our sweet Young Women.


Details HERE

Monday, February 12, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday morning started out at breakfast with two of my favorite friends.

We ate at The HenHouse Cafe and it's hands down one of my fave breakfast joints.  Their chorizo gravy is TO DIE FOR!

As are their pancakes.  They're seriously so big that you have to take most of them to go.  IN A PIZZA BOX!

Anyways - the 3 of us have so much fun together.
I sure love these ladies.

* Afterwards, I made the trek out to my very favorite cake/cookie decorating store in Phoenix.

If you LOVE to bake and you've never been here - - you MUST go.  IT HAS EVERYTHING you could possibly ever need.

* Date night Friday night.

I CRAVE their carne asada.

Fun Fact: NEW Mexican food is a tad different than regular 'ole Mexican food.  

And we like them BOTH 😆

We headed here afterwards....

Such a special evening there.

Our date night ended at Costco.
Because we're old.
And I'm totally OK with that.

Joe looking for the nearest dessert joint.
He looks so pensive, right?
We take dessert VERY seriously.😜

* We enjoyed Saturday morning at the park.
I know I always say this but....
AZ is the place TO BE in the winter time.
It can't be beat!

* The boys and I started our sugar cookie making process.

They're earning money for Scout camp this summer and if I'm being honest - - having them IN the kitchen with me is WAY more work than ME just doing it myself.😅

It's all about the learning process though, right?

Several times when I wanted to pull my hair out - - I just kept thinking to myself...."Some day...they'll remember how I taught them how to measure flour the CORRECT way."......

LoL. Fingers crossed!

* Since I was pretty much on my feet the ENTIRE day in the kitchen {translation: I wasn't about to make dinner} and the kids went to play at their cousins house Saturday night...another date night was a no-brainer.

Blue 32 for the win!
We serioulsy LOVE this place.

It's super close to our house and EVERYTHING we've ever had there has been a HIT!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

French braids aren't my strong point BUT...this one SORTA looked like a fishtail? {well, that's what I told London anyways} and so she had me take a pic to prove it.

Sometimes getting ready on Sundays are ROUGH!

* We had Joe's cute sister and her family over Sunday night for pot roast dinner.

Joe and I died when our niece kept putting her hand on Joe's knee. SO DANG SWEET!


Have you ever played THIS game?

We are hooked. 
Our kids LOVE it and it's SO MUCH FUN to play when company comes over.