Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Leadership Cinnamon Roll Tags.

Last week I held a meeting at my house for all of the ward Relief Society counselors over the 'additional meetings' aka but not really Enrichment nights. 

It was so fun to get together and hear everyone's ideas of activities that have WORKED in their wards...and even some that didn't.

Since I hosted the meeting as part of my calling - - I wanted to make sure EACH lady felt loved and appreciated for the hard work that they do in their ward. 

There's a bakery nearby where I live {thankfully it's actually like 20 minutes away. Otherwise I'd be there every day.}

They make THE MOST DELICIOUS orange rolls EVER.

They're my go - to spot when I wanna spoil someone with a treat. 

Any type of sweet roll would work with these tags!

I've made up 3 different sets:
One for Ward
One for Stake
One left blank...see below...

These could be used for everything from church callings to school teachers to PTO.....and on and on!

Tie a ribbon around em and attach the tag and wa-lah!

For details and to purchase go HERE.

By purchasing - you'll automatically receive ALL 3 files to download and print however many times you need!


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