Monday, February 12, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday morning started out at breakfast with two of my favorite friends.

We ate at The HenHouse Cafe and it's hands down one of my fave breakfast joints.  Their chorizo gravy is TO DIE FOR!

As are their pancakes.  They're seriously so big that you have to take most of them to go.  IN A PIZZA BOX!

Anyways - the 3 of us have so much fun together.
I sure love these ladies.

* Afterwards, I made the trek out to my very favorite cake/cookie decorating store in Phoenix.

If you LOVE to bake and you've never been here - - you MUST go.  IT HAS EVERYTHING you could possibly ever need.

* Date night Friday night.

I CRAVE their carne asada.

Fun Fact: NEW Mexican food is a tad different than regular 'ole Mexican food.  

And we like them BOTH πŸ˜†

We headed here afterwards....

Such a special evening there.

Our date night ended at Costco.
Because we're old.
And I'm totally OK with that.

Joe looking for the nearest dessert joint.
He looks so pensive, right?
We take dessert VERY seriously.😜

* We enjoyed Saturday morning at the park.
I know I always say this but....
AZ is the place TO BE in the winter time.
It can't be beat!

* The boys and I started our sugar cookie making process.

They're earning money for Scout camp this summer and if I'm being honest - - having them IN the kitchen with me is WAY more work than ME just doing it myself.πŸ˜…

It's all about the learning process though, right?

Several times when I wanted to pull my hair out - - I just kept thinking to myself...."Some day...they'll remember how I taught them how to measure flour the CORRECT way."......

LoL. Fingers crossed!

* Since I was pretty much on my feet the ENTIRE day in the kitchen {translation: I wasn't about to make dinner} and the kids went to play at their cousins house Saturday night...another date night was a no-brainer.

Blue 32 for the win!
We serioulsy LOVE this place.

It's super close to our house and EVERYTHING we've ever had there has been a HIT!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

French braids aren't my strong point BUT...this one SORTA looked like a fishtail? {well, that's what I told London anyways} and so she had me take a pic to prove it.

Sometimes getting ready on Sundays are ROUGH!

* We had Joe's cute sister and her family over Sunday night for pot roast dinner.

Joe and I died when our niece kept putting her hand on Joe's knee. SO DANG SWEET!


Have you ever played THIS game?

We are hooked. 
Our kids LOVE it and it's SO MUCH FUN to play when company comes over.


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