Monday, February 19, 2018

This Weekend:

*Friday morning visit HERE.

It really is the perfect way to start your weekend.

* I had a few things to get done afterwards and one of those things just happened to be right by a Goodwill so going inside was a no-brainer.

I feel like I should've bought this.

* Friday afternoon my cute friend treated the kids to Bahama Bucks.

Fun Fact: Shaved ice {or whatever you call this stuff} is pretty much the ONLY sweet I can pass on. 

* Date night for Joe and I Friday night. 

We wanted to be extra fancy so we kicked it at the Cracker Barrel.😂

{Seriously...I really do love this place. Their store, their food...yum!}

Also - - THIS CAKE!!!

We came back home to this...

* Saturday was Grant's first ever official HIP HOP competition....

These kids did a phenomenal job and placed 1st in their division and 3rd overall.  Could not be more proud of them!

* No churchey-church for the kids and I on Sunday.👎

* Crock-pot chicken and rice {my kids' FAVORITE meal EVER} for dinner followed by a walk around the 'hood Sunday night.

Arizona skies are my favorite.


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