Thursday, March 1, 2018

Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas.

I have this weird ob-sesh with decorating bulletin boards.

I'm not a teacher.
Never have been.

But I LOVE coming up with themed ideas.

I think my sister got me started.
She teaches 6th grade and always comes up with the cutest stuff. 

Anyhoozle - - yesterday I re-did London's 3rd grade classroom bulletin board and this is how it turned out...

Because who doesn't love a good donut, right??

Also - - I feel like there is NEVER enough kindness around.
Our world needs it now MORE THEN EVER.

The reminder to BE KIND cannot be said enough!

Before this bulletin board, I did a CACTUS themed board.
{Because H-E-L-L-O we live in a desert!😛 Ok that's not really why I chose this theme - - I just thought it would be cute.}

{The cute printable signs were purchased on 

I love using 3-D items on bulletin boards.
It seems to make things really POP.

Last year - my favorite bulletin board was this TACO themed one that I did for London's cute 2nd grade teacher around the time of Teacher Appreciation week...

My teacher sister put up this fun OLYMPIC themed bulletin board a few weeks again...just in time for the Olympics!!

Isn't that darling?

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