Thursday, March 22, 2018

Easter Place Setting Ideas.

Easter is one week from Sunday!!!
Can you even believe it?

How oh how does time rush on by so fast??

If you're hosting Easter dinner....or brunch...or ANYTHING at your house! are some cute ways to make your tables look pretty:


Those carrots in the middle of that vase with the fresh flowers might just be my favorite thing ever!

So clever, right?


If carrots aren't your thing - how about lemons?
These would look GORGE with some yellow daffodils!


Love the green, leafy sprig on this one.
And that bunny in the middle is a cookie!


Looking for something simple?
Just add a fresh flower to the napkin roll and tie with a pink satin ribbon. 

Easy Peasy.


I also love the simplicity of this white egg with a name handwritten on it. And those little nests you can find at any craft store right now.


I have a collection of pastel colored ceramic egg cups and I never do anything with them.  LOVE this idea of putting soil and flowers in them and using em as a place setting. 


Saved the best for last.
Yup - just a peep and a name card.

That's it!

Just cut 2 tiny slits on the ears and place the card right in there.

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