Friday, March 16, 2018

Spring Break'n

* Week 1 of Spring Break is done.

We've not had 1 thing on our calendar this break and while I admit...seeing everyone's vacay pics on social media makes me a {tinge} jelly...NOT having a schedule has been pretty darn glorious!

I've slept in until 10am most days.

My kids have slept in too.

We have big plans for a trip to the Diz soon {but shhh...don't tell our kids} so this schedule of doing ZERO has been just perfect.
{I always need  a lil something to look forward to😏..}

Here's what Week 1 has looked like for us:

My brother got TWO puppies and so naturally London has wanted to squeeze on them 24/7. They really are the cutest little things.

We pounded a pazookie at our favorite pizza joint.

I taught London and her friend the art of 
finding books at Goodwill. 
{Are we IG friends? I post all of the funny ones in my stories.}

The boys have been playing Fortnite 24/7 with their peeps.
Ok not really 24/7.
But they would if I LET them.
{I'm a mean mom and make them set timers for play time.}

Cubby always likes to be part of the action, too.

Oh and speaking of Cubby...we've been having a trainer come to our house and WOW-Y he is picking things up so fast!  My 'baby goo-goo-ga-ga' voice to him has been multiplied by 10 πŸ˜‚

{Doesn't everyone talk to their dogs like they're talking to a newborn baby? No? Just me?....}

London had a sleepover with Grandma Marilyn and her cute girl cousins on the Coombs side. 

Aren't those the cutest matching nighties?
{Thank you Marilyn!}

Joe and I have been staying up late eating Turkey Hill peanut butter chocolate ice-cream 
{OMGosh!! Have you tried it? That brand is my new fave!} and catching up on the shows Baskets, Superstore and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

All 3 of those make us DIE laughing.
If you haven't seen them - you must!


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