Monday, March 19, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday morning we all slept in and then I made a big breakfast of scambled eggs + green chiles, sausage, hashbrowns and English muffins.

{Fun Fact: When you buy English muffins - - always buy the Thomas ones.  Never buy the store brand.  THERE IS A DIFF!}

* I did some Visiting Teaching Friday afternoon and brought along some GREEN treats....

No worries - - if you haven't gotten your VT done yet - - I've still got my EASTER tags that you can use!
 Download {for FREE!} HERE.

* Date night Friday night at the Tempe Improv with some of our favorite friends.  We saw...

You guys!!
If you have never heard of this comedian - - you MUST watch his Netflix special: Happy Face.

He is my FAVE!
I seriously had to cross my legs I was laughing SO hard!
{Because you know...pee?}

We met him afterwards and I may have told him that we should be BFFs.  

Sadly - I don't think he agreed.
{I'll give him time.}

This pic cracks me up.
We're so blessed to have such fun friends!

Afterwards...dessert at Hurts Donuts.

I have ALWAYS wanted to try this place - it's gotten such great reviews and it did not disappoint.

{Get their Chewbacca. Or anything with their toasted coconut.  YUM!}

We stayed out until midnight chatting and laughing up a storm.  {We haven't stayed out that late in forever! Normally we're in our jammies on the couch and watching Dateline by 9:00! 😅} Such a fun night.

* Saturday {St. Patty's Day} we whipped up some GREEN bread {recipe HERE - and it's more like a cake! So yummy!}

* One of my cute friend's hosted a little Shamrock Shin-dig.
She went all out: Mississippi mud roast, shephards pie, corned beef and cabbage...the works!

I tried to only 'sample' the goods because Saturday night we went out with one of our favorite couples to a new seafood joint for dinner.

And yes - - I don't like seafood.
But I took one ofr the team.
{It's pretty much Joe's FAVORITE!}

I DO like clam chowder and theirs was probably the BEST I've ever had. Not exaggerating.  

Our friend {the cute blonde in the middle} is the manager and she spoiled us rotten!! She brought me chicken wings and artichoke hearts and I was in heaven!!

Also: their BUTTER CAKE for dessert was complete BLISS and I've been dreaming about it ever since!!
{It had me at BUTTER!}

{Locals: this place is at Tempe Marketplace. SO good! Even for non-seafood lovers like me.😜}

* No churchey-church on Sunday for London and I.
She's just been getting over a cough so we thought it was best to sit this week out.

* We had Kirk and Adam over for dinner.
Joe grilled cheeseburgers and I made my Grandma's Applesauce Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies for dessert.
{These cookies will forever remind me of my childhood!}


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