Monday, April 30, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday morning began at Sodalicious for breakfast.

If you get ONE thing out of this post's that you MUST try their new Strawberry Lemonade cookie ASAP!

Lemon cookie + Strawbery cream cheese frosting.
Order it with a side of Diet Coke and you will not regret it.

* Costco run afterwards.

You know how you bribe your little children with a churro at Costco so they'll be have? 

It still works with teenagers.
Just sayin.

* Friday night we had some fun friends over for dinner.

We served baked ziti with garlic cheesey bread and my friend made the most DELISH peach cobbler for dessert!

We kept the kids up past 11:00 pm playing Quiplash games on the Xbox, laughing our heads off. So fun!

* Saturday Joe and I met our dear friends from Gunnison, UT for lunch at Forefathers.

SO sad I didn't even get ONE pic.
This one circa 2012 will have to do for now...

Our kids have SO much fun together, too!

We LOVE these friends so much!!

Everytime we hang out with them, we wish that we lived closer like we once did.

* Date night Saturday night at the Temple.

Nothing better.

Dinner afterwards at Moreno's.

My love for crispy tacos is strong.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

* Dinner at our friends house Sunday night.

Recently, I was apart of our Stake Self Reliance class for 12 weeks.  There were 10 of us in the class and I am SO grateful for the friendships that we formed. {Plus ALL that I learned!}

Last night we got ALL of our families together and it was SO much fun.  

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

We are on DAY 3 of our Arizona Teachers Strike.
{This means no school for our kiddos}.


Hoping they get something resolved soon.

Also - I'm sorta ready to have my kids outta my hair 😅

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Disneyland Day 2.

Disneyland Day 2 was spent over at California Adventure.

Our first stop was Cars Land.
{Our favorite!}

If you've been to Cali Adventure but haven't had breakfast at Flo's V8 Cafe...then what kind of life are you even leading?

It's seriously THE......BEST!!!!

Their breakfast tamales + brioche caramel french toast are where it's at.  

We got soaked on Grizzly River Run, screamed our way thru Radiator Springs Racers and then Joe sat out on the swings...cause dizzy probs.
{Not me's my fave!}

All before noon!

I feel like my kids will ALWAYS love Disneyland.
No matter their age.
One of the BEST things about this trip was seeing them SO excited about everything.

Churro breaks {+ corndog breaks} were necessary throughout the day....

And then dinner with a clam chowder bowl on the Pier around dusk.  

Glorious moment: Joe and I's feet were SO tired by dinner time...we let the kids go ride a few rides by themselves while we sat and people watched + enjoyed a sundae from the Ghiradelli Square shop. 

How have our kids become old enough to do this????

Our very last ride of the night was the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride {fomerly known as Tower of Terror.}

You guys....I HATED the Tower of Terror ride.
Like A LOT!

But for some reason...I LOVED the Guardians of the Galaxy ride.
Like A LOT!

{And I've never even SEEN the movie!😂}

Check us out - back row.
I love that London is such a dare devil!

We ended the night back at our hotel with cotton candy and kettle corn in bed - - because apparently we hadn't met our 'junk' quota yet for the day.

Our bodies could barely move - we did SO much walking.
All worth it though!!

Such a fun little trip with the ones I love MOST!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Disneyland Day 1.

Our trip to Disneyland was glorious.

I've decided though that it will FOREVER be busy there.
No matter what.

We went on a 'Value' day which meant the tickets were cheaper and the crowds were supposed to be the smallest.

And while it wasn't too too still was busier than I thought.

{You couldn't pay me to go on a weekend or a holiday!}

Anyhoo - - it was everything we had hoped for and more.

I sorta feel like we've made it in life.
This was our first trip ever with: NO stroller and EVERYONE was tall enough to ride ALL of the RIDES.

Magical, indeed!

It was Pixar Fest while we were there, too.
{It runs thru the summer}.

Pixar Fest just means that the Pixar Pals parade is in Disneyland now {with a few new additions!} and there are different types of foods and treats to try {all having to do with a Pixar movie} throughout the park.

Our first stops of the morning were Indiana Jones, Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain {which my boys went on to ride about 5 more times during the day.}

Lunchtime was at our usual spot.

The Little Red Corn Dog Cart.
If I could have one thing every day for the rest of my might just be this corn dog.  And that Diet Coke.
{Why is the Coke/Diet Coke SO EXTRA TASTY at Disneyland?}

The only downside to having older kids at Disneyland was that this was the first year we had to buy them EACH their OWN corn dogs.  No more sharing for us!
{Which is a bummer because they're $10 a pop! 😅}

Autopia was a hit becasue everyone got their own cars for once.

Peter Pan = pure magic.
I'm not sure why - but it just is.
Also: why is the line ALWAYS at least a 45 minute wait?

My family humored me and rode It's a Small World.
Fun Fact: It's my FAVORITE of all the rides.
{Weird, I know.}

* We tried The Carnation Cafe on Main Street fro dinner.

{Tip: you need to call ahead for reservations.}

We timed it just right so that we were eating outside while the parade was going on. 

The kids got some PIN trading in.
Shortly after this pic was taken...London went to the bathroom and left her lanyard with all ga-jillion of her pins on it in the stall and one returned it.😢

She was DEVASTATED and that's putting it lightly.
Poor muffin.

We finished the night off back on Main Street at The Gibson Girl Ice-Cream Parlour with sundaes.

I got my usual - the mint chocolate chip sundae with hot fudge.  It was every bit as scrumptious as I remembered it to be. 

We practically CRAWLED back to our hotel that night.
There's NO tired like Disneyland I right?!?

Sunday, April 22, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday started out with errands + a pedicure.

I sure wish I could read the pedicure people's minds.
Or speak their language.
Actually, I'm glad I can't.

Because it would probably be something like this:
"I can't believe this lady's feet are THIS disgusting."
"Who even lets their feet get THIS gross?"

* Subway Salad for lunch.

Every once in awhile this hits the spot.
{Their sandwiches? Not so much}.

* We stayed in Friday night and Joe and I watched Dateline.
{I know, we're SO exciting.}

* Saturday was another hip-hop competition for Grant.

These boys ROCKED their 2 performances and were given a TOP award!!

 Cars can't wait to start competing with these guys next season!

The comp was in downtown Phoenix which also just happened to be where my first ever job in AZ was...

Sometimes I sure miss the RADIO world.

* Dinner with Kirk and Adam at the DeSoto Market.

Photo Cred: Adam

Cars got the chicken + waffles....

And yup, he ate it all!

* Sunday morning we loaded up the mini-van and headed straight to Cali. We've been promising the kids a trip to the DIZ for awhile now!

We ventured straight to Newport Beach.
Sometimes your body just NEEDS the salty air, ya know?

I quickly realized that this little trip is exactly what our family has been needing.

We walked the pier, watched the fisherman and even saw a few seals up close!

We got our toes wet {well, the kids ended up getting more than that wet... you know how that goes} and then found a local taco joint on Yelp for dinner.

Taco Mesa did not disappoint.
Their crispy taco shells were made with SPINACH and even my kids LOVED em!

* Tomorrow: Disneyland Day #1.
I might be more excited than my kids.
{And let me tell you - - that's A LOT of excitement!}

Thursday, April 19, 2018

2fer Tuesday {on Thursday}.


Yes! Yes! YES!!!

Also, yes! yes! and YES!


Artichoke Chicken 
from the blog Plain Chicken

This recipe had me at 'cheesy artichoke mixture'.

Southwest Taco Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Who else LOVES spaghetti squash???