Saturday, April 28, 2018

Disneyland Day 2.

Disneyland Day 2 was spent over at California Adventure.

Our first stop was Cars Land.
{Our favorite!}

If you've been to Cali Adventure but haven't had breakfast at Flo's V8 Cafe...then what kind of life are you even leading?

It's seriously THE......BEST!!!!

Their breakfast tamales + brioche caramel french toast are where it's at.  

We got soaked on Grizzly River Run, screamed our way thru Radiator Springs Racers and then Joe sat out on the swings...cause dizzy probs.
{Not me's my fave!}

All before noon!

I feel like my kids will ALWAYS love Disneyland.
No matter their age.
One of the BEST things about this trip was seeing them SO excited about everything.

Churro breaks {+ corndog breaks} were necessary throughout the day....

And then dinner with a clam chowder bowl on the Pier around dusk.  

Glorious moment: Joe and I's feet were SO tired by dinner time...we let the kids go ride a few rides by themselves while we sat and people watched + enjoyed a sundae from the Ghiradelli Square shop. 

How have our kids become old enough to do this????

Our very last ride of the night was the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride {fomerly known as Tower of Terror.}

You guys....I HATED the Tower of Terror ride.
Like A LOT!

But for some reason...I LOVED the Guardians of the Galaxy ride.
Like A LOT!

{And I've never even SEEN the movie!😂}

Check us out - back row.
I love that London is such a dare devil!

We ended the night back at our hotel with cotton candy and kettle corn in bed - - because apparently we hadn't met our 'junk' quota yet for the day.

Our bodies could barely move - we did SO much walking.
All worth it though!!

Such a fun little trip with the ones I love MOST!

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