Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Friendship Tags.

I've gotten LOTS of questions about my thoughts on the new Visiting Teaching changes within our church and how that will affect the handouts that I have done for the past 3 years on my blog.

Answer #1: I AM ECSTATIC about the VT changes.
They are SO inspired and they make PERFECT sense!

Awhile back, a lady that I was assigned to Visit Teach, decided that we should go to breakfast once a month for our 'Visiting Teaching' visits.  Genius, right? We continue to do this EACH month and this sweet lady has also became my dear, dear friend. I look forward to our breakfast trips each month!! 

I am SO excited about the possibilites that we now have as we get to 'minister' in this same way.

We need to be FRIENDLIER.
We need to REACH OUT more.

We don't need to just feel like a box checked off every month.

Answer #2: As a result, I will no longer be doing any type of 'Ministering // Visiting Teaching' handouts.  As stated in General Conference by Sister Bingham... 

"Ministering does not include a set monthly message in the Church magazines nor a prescribed way to keep in contact, such as in-home, face-to-face visits each month—even though visits are important when they are possible, the leaders explained."

After much thought however...I've decided that I STILL want to do some type of FREEBIE tag each month for you - - as my small token way of saying THANKS for reading my blog!

I'm super excited about these tags.

They'll be called FRIENDSHIP TAGS and they'll literally be good to use for ANYONE and EVERYTHING


{Think that are sick....a special way to say thanks to someone who may have helped you in some way....a teacher...ANYONE who could use a special little something!!} 

I'll post them at the beginning of EACH month and they'll always be FREE!  If said month has a holiday - - it'll probabaly be a tag to go along with that holiday.  
You get the idea, right?

So drumroll please....
{And lucky for you - I made TWO!}

I've had STRAWBERRIES on the brain this month, as this is usually the time of year that I crank out jars and jars full of strawberry freezer jam.

{Locals: strawberries are on sale at Sprouts this week for 88 cents! Wahoo!!}

My favorite strawberry freezer jam recipe is HERE.

Last week, I also whipped up some STRAWBERRY CUPCAKES that were pretty yummy - - you could deliver those with one of these tags as well!! 

Don't wanna make anything?? 
{I don't blame you. Life is tiring!}

No worries...anything goes!

A plastic carton of strawberries, a store bought strawberry pie, a strawbery soda, strawberry lip gloss....

People just like to feel LOVED and APPRECIATED!!

So go ahead and print these tags out and help me to 



  1. You are amazing!! I love this idea. I love strawberries. My maiden name is Straw... so it's always kinda been our "thing"!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent!!

    1. SO glad you enjoyed these - have a great night! xoxo


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