Sunday, April 1, 2018

This Weekend:

* The kids had school off on Friday {again!}.
They swam at the pool while I got myself a pedicure.

Normally, I'd feel bad for ditching them for a couple of hours on their day off but come on...they just had 2 full weeks off for Spring Break and we played HARD together. 😂

* We celebrated Easter with the Coombs family on Friday night...

Scott and Marilyn with all of the Coombs grandkids!

So fun to get together with everyone!

We ate a yummy dinner, had an Easter Egg Hunt, the cousins ran around together and we had a sweet Easter devotional.  

I really don't know how Joe and I lucked out so much with having BOTH sides of our family {including ALL siblings!} live close by us.  We are blesed for sure.

* We lounged around on Saturday and watched General Conference in our jammies.

* Colored Easter Eggs afterwards.
Fun Fact: This is my LEAST favorite Easter tradition.
It ranks right up there with carving pumpkins. 😬

* Joe and the boys headed off to the Priesthood session Saturday night with my dad.

Carson doesn't technically turn 12 until next month but we let him go anyways...😉 It was such a great experience for the 4 of them.

* More General Conference watching on Sunday...

Oh how I love President Nelson!!!

When he announced the changes to Home and Visiting Teaching {and all of the new temples, too!} I felt as though my heart jumped out of my chest!

FINALLY!!!! It all makes SO. MUCH. SENSE!

It's EXACTLY how it should be.

I am super excited about it and KNOW that it is inspired.

Being someone's FRIEND is so much more important than checking a name off of a list.

I loved watching every last second of Conference.
I felt so uplifted after it was all over.
I can't wait to pour over the words spoken this weekend on paper and highlight and underline my favorite parts.

* Easter dinner with the Lamoreaux family Sunday night.

SO MUCH good food!

The kids had a $ Easter Egg hunt...

Can you spot the GOLDEN egg?
{It's the one with $20 in it thanks to Uncle Kirk!}

Such a fun night.
We sat out on my parent's back patio and the weather mixed with the orange blossoms were DREAMY.

I love this time of year.
Sad that it's going to get SO hot SO soon!!
{It reached 90 today!}

Ready or not - - SUMMER IS HERE!

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  1. General Conference was A-Mazing!! I love this wonderful church we are members of. I am also grateful for fellow members like you. Your wonderful creativity and willingness to share. Hope your Easter Weekend was as fabulous as ours was.


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