Sunday, April 22, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday started out with errands + a pedicure.

I sure wish I could read the pedicure people's minds.
Or speak their language.
Actually, I'm glad I can't.

Because it would probably be something like this:
"I can't believe this lady's feet are THIS disgusting."
"Who even lets their feet get THIS gross?"

* Subway Salad for lunch.

Every once in awhile this hits the spot.
{Their sandwiches? Not so much}.

* We stayed in Friday night and Joe and I watched Dateline.
{I know, we're SO exciting.}

* Saturday was another hip-hop competition for Grant.

These boys ROCKED their 2 performances and were given a TOP award!!

 Cars can't wait to start competing with these guys next season!

The comp was in downtown Phoenix which also just happened to be where my first ever job in AZ was...

Sometimes I sure miss the RADIO world.

* Dinner with Kirk and Adam at the DeSoto Market.

Photo Cred: Adam

Cars got the chicken + waffles....

And yup, he ate it all!

* Sunday morning we loaded up the mini-van and headed straight to Cali. We've been promising the kids a trip to the DIZ for awhile now!

We ventured straight to Newport Beach.
Sometimes your body just NEEDS the salty air, ya know?

I quickly realized that this little trip is exactly what our family has been needing.

We walked the pier, watched the fisherman and even saw a few seals up close!

We got our toes wet {well, the kids ended up getting more than that wet... you know how that goes} and then found a local taco joint on Yelp for dinner.

Taco Mesa did not disappoint.
Their crispy taco shells were made with SPINACH and even my kids LOVED em!

* Tomorrow: Disneyland Day #1.
I might be more excited than my kids.
{And let me tell you - - that's A LOT of excitement!}

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