Monday, April 9, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday morning breakfast with these beautiful ladies at 

I used to BABY-SIT! the 2 cute girls on the left.
Can you even believe it??
They were darling as babies and they're even more darling as full grown adults!! 

They were THE BEST to babysit for.
{Their cute mom on the right used to pay me like $10 an hour way back in the mid 90s!!! She was//is THE BEST!}

* A few errands afterwards and then some work back home on my computer...

Best. COMBO. Ever!!!
{See's Almond Toffee-ets and P'nutt Crunch patties are MY FAVORITE!!!!}

* Date night Friday night HERE with one of our favorite couples. We laughed our heads off with them and it was good for our souls!!

* Saturday morning donuts.
{It's a must!}

Chores around the house afterwards.
I just discovered this...

...and they're pretty much the best things EVER if you have hardwood floors.

* Temple date night on Saturday night....

{Still struggling with that selfie game πŸ˜‚}

So peaceful and refreshing there.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

2 of my favorite take-aways from the lessons taught:

"It's not about prioritizing your schedule, it's about scheduling your priorities."

"Blessings will come not because of your abilities but because of your choices."

* Sunday night we had our Coombs side of the family over for dinner and to celebrate Joe's moms birthday!!

So grateful for such a wonderful mother-in-law!
She's a beauty inside AND out.
She raised Joe so well and we just love her to pieces.

It was so fun to get to celebrate HER!
We normally have family dinners at her house, and she pretty much does ALL the work so it was nice to get to spoil her for a night.

Joe grilled burgers and brats.
{He's pretty much the master griller.}

I found a couple of cute pics of Marilyn and blasted em all around the place πŸ˜„...

We played an "All About Marilyn" trivia game...
{Winner got See's chocolate - her favorite!}

And then I had each parent send me their child's favorite memory about Grandma Marilyn and we played a little game with that!

It was so fun to hear all of the memories that were so special to everyone.

Such a fun night!!
Such a fun weekend!!

Our hearts were filled.


  1. Oh what a beautiful thing to do for your mother in law!!!
    Oh I use bona on my floors, I have the mop and refills but I’ve never seen the pads!
    With a puppy and soggy wet snow/sloppy mud I’m mopping constantly lol

    1. The pads are a game changer!! If you have Marshall's or TJ Maxx - check em out. Or I'm sure they're on Amazon as well!

  2. New visitor to your blog. Fun post! I use bona on my floors, but didn't know there were wet cleaning pads. I will have to look for those. Fun party for your mother-in-law. She sounds like a wonderful person! Great family. I will be back to visit again soon!

    1. Thanks for visiting Deb!! The bona pads are the best! Found mine at Marshall's so I bet they'd be at TJ Maxx as well! xoxo