Thursday, May 24, 2018

2fer Tuesday {on Thursday}.



If you're a TRUE CRIME lover like have GOT to watch this 4 part docu-series on Netflix!

Anyone remember the pizza bomber who robbed a bank back in 2003? This is what it's about!!

Big huge thanks to my SIL who recommended it to Joe and I.
She also warned me that in the first 15 minutes of the first episode - - it shows the pizza bomber's head being blown off - - so luckily I knew to close my eyes. 
{Because gory stuff and me do not go together!}

This show really is fascinating.
It's like a Dateline x 1000.

So dee-lish.

I made up some tuna fish this week and dipped these chips into it and it was SO good!  Didn't even taste healthy-ish.😂


Just when I think there couldn't be any more garbage floating around on social media...I see quotes like this and am reminded that social media can IN FACT be used for good!


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