Friday, May 18, 2018

Fun Finds Friday.

Fry's {our local Kroger grocery store} has some super cute stuff in their summer section.

If making homemade ice-cream is your thing {well, then why aren't you bringing me any?}....these containers are just what you need!! They come in large and small sizes and they'd be PERFECT for delivering to neighbors or for bringing along to a BBQ.

These wooden spoons and sprinkled straws would be the perfect little extra touch. {Think Rootbeer floats}.

Fun Fact: I'd rather eat my own toenails than drink Rootbeer.
That's how much I loathe it.  

Throwing a SUMMER shin-dig?
They've got this cute garland, as well!

Over at the Dollar Tree...

You need to stock up NOW for all of your Memorial Day // 4th of July get togethers.  LOVING those hot dog holders!

Cute patriotic ice-cream cups here, too!

Is there a MERMAID lover in your life?

Aren't these fingernail clippers DARLING?
{Spotted em at the checkout register}.

Also....if you aren't buying your doggie toys and treats from the $ tree then you are really missing out {and spending way too much money elsewhere}.

These are Cubby's FAVORITE!!!!!!

* Finally browsed thru Wal-mart today.
{It had been awhile.}

Aren't these pineapple glasses SO SUPER CUTE?
They'd be perf for a Hawaiian Luau.

But even cute than those?......

Look closely.
These are CACTUS jars!!!!!
I feel like I need at least 4 in my life.

Ok this next one is a WTH find....


Toot Fairy?

What is this?????

Lastly, I'll let you in on a tip....

Wendy's now serves the MOST DELICIOUS soft baked cookies EVER.  It's true.  They have: chocolate chip, sugar and chocolate chocolate. 

You can get 3 for $3 and lemme tell you...they hit the spot!
{Every once in awhile I veer away from the McDs Diet Coke and I crave a Wendy's Diet Coke.}

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  1. How can you resist root beer? I had a root beer float three days in a row last week (with homemade ice cream)!


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