Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Minister-ing analogy and handout.


I was going thru my archives last night and I was SO SUPER excited to find this handout from way back when in
 June 2014! 

It goes PERFECTLY along with the new MINISTERING program that the church has announced!!!

{Also: did you know that every 4th Sunday lesson during Relief Society and Elders Quorum will now be on this very topic??}

This would be such a fun little handout to give to your sisters!!

I found these bigger spoons at the $ store but with a large group....something smaller would be just fine.

I just LOVE the analogy of the spoon and how it SERVES!
Just like WE should be doing as we mini-STIR.

{Get it?...I swear it doesn't take much to excited me😂}

I'm offering this tag as a FREE download!!!!

Click HERE!

 I am MORE than flattered when others

 'replicate' my ideas and come up with their 

'own' tags.  I just 

PLEASE ask that you give credit where credit 

is due when posting, PLEASE DON'T COPY 

and please link back to 

this original post.  xoxo


  1. I'm our 4th Sunday teacher....6 months...every Sunday. :) I've been reading a book 'A Heart Like His'. I'm going to use heart shaped balloons as a visual aid and trying and figure out a hand out. So many scriptures about opening our hearts in the book - my mind kept going there.

  2. How do I go about getting this in jpg. so I can send it to a printer store? I love all your fabulous ideas and my 8 sisters I visit love all the great messages and handouts that go with them. Thank you.


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