Monday, May 21, 2018

This Weekend {+ a really good way to make ribs!}:

* Friday morning started out here...

The trees on the grounds are in full bloom and it was such a pretty sight to walk out to once I had finished.

* Errands + odds and ends afterwards.

I've had 'clean my bathroom' on my to-do list for over 2 weeks now and for some just never seems to get done. Why do 'odds and ends' always take priority?😂

Anyone else with me?

* Date night Friday night at one of our 

Their pizza muffins are where it's at.
{ husband is the best sport for always allowing me to take pics of him whenever//wherever//doing whatever}.

* We visited our sweet nephew at the hospital afterwards who was recovering from appendicits. 

So grateful for such good hospitals and medical professionals around us but man, it's HARD going into those childrens units and seeing the sick kiddies!!

* Dateline afterwards, because duh! Friday night.
I know, I know, we're super exciting. 
{But seriously...if you're a Dateline lover like we have GOT to see Bill Hader do his impressions HERE.} 

* Saturday was London's 3rd grade class POOL PARTY!

Her sweet 3rd grade teacher {who the boys have been fortunate to have as well!} has a tradition of having all of her students over to her house at the end of the year.

Isn't that the BEST THING EVER?
{Seriously...bless her heart!}

We left with sunburns and bellies full - all signs of a good time!

* Saturday night we stayed in and it was so relaxing.
I was showered and in my jammies by 5:00.
{Don't be jelly}.

We had our first 'summer' meal of the season.

Ribs, baked potatoes and fresh corn on the cob.
It was pretty heavenly.

Lemme let you in on a secret of how to cook your ribs....

Put them in the crockpot and salt and pepper them generously.

Add about a cup {or maybe a tad more} of apple juice to the bottom of the crock pot and cook on high all day.

Before you are ready to eat, take the ribs out and put them on a tin foil lined baking sheet.  Baste those babies with some Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce and then put under the broiler in your oven for about 5 minutes.

THEY ARE DIVINE this way!!!
I promise.

We don't cook em any other way now and they really do just fall off of the bone.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

* Lam Fam dinner at my parent's house Sunday night.

My cute nephew and his even cuter wife were in town and we had so much fun visiting with them.

Joe was the designated 'griller' of the night and the burgers were off the charts yummy!

Such a fun time all together!
Loud...but FUN!

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