Monday, May 7, 2018

This Weekend:

Friday was Carson's 12th Birthday!!!!
We started the morning out with presents and then got a special surprise from one of our FAVORITE teachers 
{his 3rd grade!} before school....

She dropped by DONUTS for the birthday boy!
Isn't that SO sweet??

I ran a couple of errands and then brought Carson up lunch, per his birthday request...


* Afterschool he wanted to head straight to SWIG {a local soda shop} to fill up his new mug.

Back at home we finished up London's 3rd grade Rainforest project...

The Amazon River Pink Dolphin!
She was soooo excited to get this animal to reserach and create - - mainly because it's PINK!

We paper mached it and for the record....I DESPISE paper mache-ing. I can honestly say I hope I never have to do it again. 😆

{ we were painting the dolphin...mind you...we had already spent a good few hours with this beast....she informed me that it's supposed to have TWO fins...not just one.  OOPS! I told her to tell the class a shark ATE the other one because we weren't adding to it this late in the game.😅}

* Carson's birthday dinner was at our very favorite Chinese food restaurant in downtown Chandler...

If you have not yet been must!
Their orange chicken is my FAVE!!!

* Saturday morning was Grant's last dance competition of the season....

So proud of this darling BOYZ CREW.
They have grown leaps and bounds together this year and it really has paid off because their group {plus the girls group!} got FIRST PLACE out of the whole dang competition!!!!

It's SO fun that he gets to dance with his cousin, too!

* Saturday night we headed over to our friend's house for a little Cinco de Mayo FIESTA!!!!

That's right! My friend actually FRIED the taco shells...just the way I like em!!

We had SO much fun together.
LOVE our dear friends.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
London and I wore our new Mother's Day necklaces from 

London chose to have the little heart because she says "when you were pregnant with me in your belly...MY heart was in YOU."

So sweet, right?

{Order yours NOW before it's too late!}

Sunday was such an extra special day because Carson received the Aaronic Priesthood at church.

He's now officially a Deacon and we could not be more proud of him!

It was SO special to have BOTH sets of Grandparents there to be apart of it.  We are so blessed!

* Sunday night I held my first committee meeting for our annual Stake Womens Conference.

Yup. I'm in charge again and I'm super excited about it!!

{You can read all about the last one I helped with 2 years ago HERE.}

Our theme for this conference is based off of Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin's talk "Come What May and Love It."

This talk might just be one of my ALL TIME favorites.
If you have not ever read it - or have but not in awhile - and need a little uplift - - I highly recommend it!!



  1. So awesome for Carson !!!!
    I love that talk too, I actually have the quote on a plaque In my house !

  2. So many great things!! And that talk is in my top 10 for sure! Good pick!!


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