Thursday, June 21, 2018

Happiest Threads.

If you know anything about my family, you know that we definitely go gah-gah for all things DISNEYLAND!

It's pretty much our HAPPY PLACE.
{I mean...isn't it everybody's?}

We were SO excited when Joe's cute sister and husband told us that they had decided to launch their own biz HAPPIEST THREADS with the cutest shirts for Disneyland // Disney World EVER!

Can you even stand how cute this SNACK CRAWL shirt is?
Seriously...who needs a pub crawl when you've got Disneyland SNACKS?!?

And don't even get my started on their CHURROS shirt.

A couple of my other favorites from their shop....

{Fun Fact: Mary Poppins will forever be one of my FAVORITE MOVIES EVER!}

{FUN FACT #2: I've never seen a Star Wars movie EVER. husband and kids LOVE them AND...I love the ride Star Tours.  AND...sometimes I fly 'solo' on rides at Disneyland just to get on quicker.}

These shirts have my heart because:

* They are the SOFTEST shirts EVER!
{Carson has been wearing his for 3 days straight!}

* They are UNIQUE.  So many shirts at Disneyland look the same.  These stand out!

* They are made by two of the sweetest people we know!

They offer them in Adult sizes AND Youth sizes AND.....

They're offering all of my blog readers a 20% OFF DISCOUNT on your ENTIRE order!!!!!

Use the code: MARCIBLOG at checkout.

Joe and I just ordered some for the 4th of July and we CAN'T wait to wear them. {Did I mention that they're soft as butter?}

You can check out ALL of their inventory HERE.

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