Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Mexico Day 2.

Our entire day 2 was spent down on the beach and I could not have loved it more.

The tide where we were at went WAY out and the kids had fun catching crabs, looking for jelly fish and collecting seashells.

Lots and LOTS of crabs EVERYWHERE.
{No...I didn't dare touch one. But I DID touch a blue jellyfish!}

Why do salty snacks taste SO extra good on the beach?

After lunchtime, a 'spoon train' was in order....

London wasn't too sure about it at the start!

Sand in ALL the crevices! 😂

These kids had SO MUCH FUN together!

I'm convinced that 2 of the best things EVER are:
* When your besties husbands get along!
* When your besties kids and your kids get along!

We had BOTH this trip and it made for SUCH a fun time!

Back at the beach house the kids traded and traded and traded again sea shells.  It was SO nice to see them OUTSIDE playing instead of cooped up indoors.

I am SO sad I didn't get a group photo of all of us adults.

We laughed SO hard together.
It was good for our souls.
{But not my bladder...cause everytime I laugh hard...well...ladies...you know what can happen😅}

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