Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Mexico Day 3.

Day 3 at the beach house was our turn to make breakfast so I whipped up our family's very favorite recipe for

This is SUCH a crowd pleaser and it is SO easy to make!
{Note: always double it.  For our crew of 19 I actually quadrupled it.  It WILL get gobbled, I promise you}.

After breakfast we hit the buggy and were on a quest to find some sand dollars....

We even passed the carcass of a dead whale washed ashore!   

Apparently it has been there for years and it STILL STUNK!

We could've walked around for hours looking at all of the sea creatures.

We scored ONE sand dollar and London was pleased as punch! 

{Fun Fact: Did you know that sand dollars have 2 holes - - 1 for eating and 1 for pooping? True story. Also - - raise your hand if you even knew that they LIVED and were actual CREATURES?!?! I didn't!}

We stayed on the beach the entire day.

It was glorious and the ocean water there is oh so refreshing! 

As are their sunsets!!!

We had dinner back at the house and then went right back down onto the beach for a late night bonfire...

The kids danced and sang songs....

We let off some ginormous fireworks thanks to Doug and Cheryl....

...and then we lit and then released these beautiful lanterns into the sky...

It was a pretty magical way to end our weekend.

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