Monday, June 18, 2018

This {Father's Day} Weekend:

* Friday started off with grocery shopping at my favorite store.

Locals: the sandwich bar at the Fry's on Gilbert and Germann is OUR FAVORITE!! They make their sandwiches with Boar's head meat and they are SO YUMMY! A thousand times better than Subway!!

Also...this always happens to me...

😂Who's with me?

* Cleaned out my pantry afterwards.

I HATE throwing away expired food.
I had a lot of it, too.
One can was even from 2014 - EW! right?
Not sure how it lasted that long in there either because I usually try and clean things out a few times a year.

* We had my cute nieces over to play Friday afternoon.

These 3 cuties have SO much fun together.
Somehow we went to Circle K with me saying they could ONLY JUST get slushies.  Somehow they all ended up with slushies AND donuts when we walked out of there. 😂

* Saturday we took the kids to see...

I loved it so much more than the first one!!
GO SEE IT this summer!

* Saturday night we celebrated Father's Day with my side of the family.

We ate dinner at Firebirds.
Can you believe this was my first time there?
I LOVED it!!!

I ordred the cilantro chicken breast with parmesan mashed potatoes and 2 big crunch ranch onion rings.  They were divine.

Dessert afterwards with everyone at Ice-Cream Sammies.
{Try their Animal Cookie ice-cream!}

* Father's Day on Sunday!!!

So grateful for the man in the middle.
He makes our lives so much fun!

Also grateful for this guy....

{This is my all time FAVORITE pic of my dad. This was taken when Grant had just barely turned 12 and they went to the Priesthood Session of General Conference together}.

* Sunday dinner at Joe's parents house!

Yummy homemade lasgana, french bread, salads + homemade chocolate chip cookies.  SO yummy!

Also, SO grateful for my father-in-law.
We love him so much!

We had such a great time with our families this weekend!


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