Monday, June 25, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday morning summer movie fun at the theaters...

Nothing beats popcorn for breakfast!

And how have I never seen this movie until now?
Props to Illumination for making ALL 3 "Despicable Me" movies SO FUN to watch!

* Summers in Arizona are quite comparable to winters in say, Minnesota.  We hibernate here in the summertime so after the movies we headed home and hunkered down for most of the day.

I mean, wouldn't YOU?!

* Date night with Joe here...

It's my favorite.
And I LOVED walking out to these fresh PURPLE flowers...

They were everywhere and it made my day!

* Dinner afterwards...

We love this little joint.
I never realized until I moved to Arizona that NEW MEXICAN food is a little different than MEXICAN food! 

* I hit up Goodwill Saturday morning. 
I'm on the hunt for puzzles and games for our cabin trip.
{And this is the BEST place to buy em!}

* We've been dog-sitting my sister's Shitzu all weekend...

Cubby's not so sure how he feels about it though.

* Saturday night Joe and I went to our ward Elders Quorum party at the church.  

Games, cake, ice-cream and FUN company!

Awards were handed out at the end of the evening and Joe and I got the......

Apparently we've been in the ward the LONGEST of anyone else in our ward! 13 years! - We moved in right before we had Grant. 

This made us feel OLD. 
I remember when we first moved into the ward and we were the YOUNG-ins.  Not so anymore I guess.😅

{Also: We really LOVE our ward!}

* My cute friend came and kidnapped me late Saturday night.

I'm so glad she did.
Donuts + girl talk is exactly what we needed! 

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
The cutest kid gave his missionary farewell talk and his testimony was SO good to hear.  

* Long nap afterwards.
Pork chops for dinner and then I spent the rest of the evening typing up more of my Grandpa's letters from World War 2.

These precious letters have captivated me!!
They were written between 1943-1945 to my Grandma Lamoreaux.

They had only been married for a short time before my Grandpa was called off to war.  

He wrote her EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Sometimes TWICE a day.

Typing up these letters is my new favorite thing to do and I can't WAIT to finish and make them all into a book for our family, relatives and posterity. 



  1. Those letters still give me all the feels!!!!
    I would literally die in those temps! We’re heading to Utah next week and it’s supposed to be 90 degrees, 90 I’ll die!!

  2. I'm doing a similar project with my Dad's missionary journal. He had converted at age 19, finished his degree and UCLA and went on a mission to Chile. It's been so cool getting to know my Dad as a 24/26 year old.

    1. Isn’t it the best thing ever?? I am loving it!! If you find any good companies to make your book thru - let me know!!


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