Friday, July 13, 2018

RED Tags: Read Every Day

One of the MANY things that I love about my 'calling' at church is that we get to hear about all of the different FUN ideas that each ward Relief Society does.

There are SO many creative, inspired ideas and I feel like I grow so much as a person when we meet one on one with these presidencies.

This past spring someone told us about a RED party that their Relief Society was going to have.

Read Every Day

Basically, they were going to encourage each and every sister in their ward to READ the scriptures EVERY DAY.

Because we all know the benefits, right?
{I'd be lost without my daily scripture study!}

They were going to kick things off with a RED PARTY as one of their activity nights.  They were going to serve RED food, have everyone wear RED clothing.....ETC!

They would explain the concept and then set a certain amount of time to allow for the RED to happen and then meet back again together { x amount of weeks//months later } to share their testimonies of how this action helped to improve their lives.

I even think it would be fun to have a big jar full of RED candies - - and each week - - whoever has "RED" for the whole week gets to pick a candy out.  

This idea could be adapted for Young Women, the Primary, Sunday School.....ETC!

So fun, right?

I haven't been able to stop thinking about this idea which is why I decided to SHARE the concept with you guys AND create a handout that can be given out at the start {and/or used as a BOOKMARK for their daily scripture study!}

I've included 2 different quotes that can be used.

One encourages the reading of The Book of Mormon; the other encourages the general reading of the scriptures
 {think Bible}.

I do hope this inspires you.
All of the details on how to download these tags are

* * * I originally misspelled President Nelson's first name - - changes have been made and updated on the tags! 



  1. This literally gave me chills !! What an amazing idea!! I absolutely need to do better with my reading so I might even do it fir myself lol xxx

    1. Haha! I love it. DO IT! You could even do it for a little Family Home Evening one night!! xoxo