Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Southern Utah Day 3.

* My dad bought a new hat on Day 3 at the cabin.
{Because apparently the 8 hats that he brought from home weren't enough? #obsession}...

Only my dad would:
 a) find a 'GET HIGH' hat at the gas station
 and think it's hilarious
 b) purchase the 'GET HIGH' hat and then 
c) wear said 'GET HIGH' hat with pride.

{Calm down...it means the elevation.  Not the doobie.}

* Games galore all day...

I LOVE seeing my kids play games rather than the Xbox.
It makes my heart so happy.
{Because let's be honest...it doesn't happen very often.}

* We drove over to the gas station {the only convenience store in town} for some fountain beverages.

I saw this sign hanging on their store wall and I LOVED IT!
I need to have my own sign made with this quote on it...

Also...why can't I grow flowers as pretty and as purple as these?

* We died laughing when the sign on the ICE chest said 'Gluten Free' and 'Non-GMO' ICE.

We died luaghing EVEN HARDER when my 25 year old nephew thought it was REALLY a thing!

* I also started a new book....

Don't mind the brown stains on the cover.
It's a Goodwill find.
{Come on! You cannot BEAT $1.99 books!}


  1. Those purple petunias probably like the nice cool air up there. Can't wait to see yall!

  2. Cool air...something we definitely don’t have in Phx. Can’t wait to see you guys too!!

  3. My mom always used that saying! 🙄