Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Southern Utah Day 4.

* We shopped around a couple of local boutiques on Day 5.  

Sadly, the only thing we found worthwhile was a jar of Monkey Butt. What the?

* Lots of time spent in hammocks...

* We rented ATVs to ride around in for the afternoon.

It was AWESOME and oh so much fun!

We even saw a few deer!

The dust was fierce out there so naturally...

...biker bandanas were in order...

* Early evening, just us girls went out for a ride...

I think I scarred my mom for life with my driving.

I may have done one too many donuts and drifts on the dirt roads.

{Seriously though, I was laughing so hard at her reactions, I had to cross my legs to keep myself from peeing my pants.} 

* My nephew's cute wife introduced to a new FUN game!

Codenames - - have you ever played it?
Challenging AND fun!
We loved it!!

We ended the evening with a batch of fresh caramel corn before bed...

{with peanuts of course!} 

Also: I really, really, really LOVE how it stays so light at night here.  It doesn't get dark until after 9:00 pm!!

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