Friday, July 6, 2018

Southern Utah Day 6.

* We spent most of Day 6 at one of the prettiest places on Earth.

Bryce Canyon National Park

If you have never been....PLEASE add this to your list of MUST SEE places to visit in your lifetime.  

We love it here SO MUCH!

I mean....there was a long log how could we not take the opportunity to take an awkward family pic?

Just missing my sister Stephanie in all this awkward-ness.

* We Yelped a restaurant for lunch afterwards and it did NOT disappoint!

Bryce Canyon Pines.
SO delish.
They served their soda in a jar, their open faced roast beef sandwiches were the bomb and their chocolate silk pie.....

{I'll seriously be dreaming about it until we come back again.}

I also got my fill of 'Weird Book Finds' at the restaurant....

The drive back to the cabin was gorgeous....

I'm pretty sure the inspiration for the Pixar movie Cars and the Disneyland ride Thunder Mountain Railroad came from Bryce Canyon.

* We had some of our favorite, long time, forever friends up to the cabin for dinner.

We LOVE getting together with the Spevaks.
I wish we lived closed enough to do it more!!

This orange//lemon Jello salad that Claudine brought up was AH-MAZING!!!! I need to get the recipe to share with all of you.  It's PERFECT for summertime!

* Their daughter, who London LOVES to play with ended up staying the night with us at the cabin and these two could not have been more giddy about it.

I love this sweet little friendship!


  1. I didn't know she spent the night.. I will message you the recipe for Sunshine Salad.

    1. These two have the BEST of times together. So cute!