Monday, July 23, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I grocery shopped, cleaned and took London in to see the Doctor.

Poor muffin had swollen tonsils.
No strep.  Nothing contagious.
Just viral and miserable.

*We made things better by stopping at Bahama Bucks afterwards. 

Remember how I said in the past that I'm not a fan?
Well I was this time.
Maybe because it was 110 outside and ANYTHING cold tasted good.

We had a couple of fun families over for a BBQ on Friday night. {If you've never tried one of Joe's must!}

Joe and our friend Rich ended the evening by fixing our bathroom faucet - - I mean wouldn't YOU want your Friday evening to end that way?
Have you ever had something in your house not work? But for like 6 months? That was this faucet.  It dripped constantly.  For 6 months.  

* Saturday morning pancake breakfast at the church!

We really do have the BEST ward family.

* The boys headed off to a party Saturday night, London played at a friend's house and Joe and I attended the mission call opening of one of my sweet Young Women.

Events like this make my heart want to BURST!

I had sweet Erika as a BEEHIVE....and now she's going on a MISSION! Oh so proud of her!

And guess where she's going?
SWEDEN! How lucky is she?!?

* Dinner date afterwards at Local Eats.

Their Pesto Chicken sandwich is where it's at.
We LOVE this place!
{Same owners as Blue 32.}

* Sunday morning we woke up to this....

Such an awesome way to start our Sabbath day.
{Also...what the heck?! 
Cubby hasn't pooped in our house for like months!}

* Churchey-church.
It was goodness for my soul.

* Sunday night we held our annual Coombs Family Back to School Dinner.

I am SO excited to share ALL of the details with you tomorrow!!!

Not really sure what is going on here...but this is how we ended our night. 8:00 last night it was STILL 105 degrees.

Heaven help us this week...there's a HEAT WAVE going on.
I'll be hibernating in my air conditioned home if you need me.

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