Friday, August 31, 2018

Fun Finds Friday.

Target's $ bins are stocked with all things 
FALL and HALLOWEEN right now and it is making me 

Cute PLASTIC black and orange cake stands!

I love these plastic plates for only $1.
They're the perfect little something to deliver treats on.

Isn't this ceramic dish beautiful?
I just love it - $5.

These cute coffins are also ceramic and would be the perfect little something to fill up with candy, tie a bow around, and give to someone. 

I'm still obsesse with succulents.
How about you?

The above ones are only $1.
Below ones are $3.

Need a glitter banner for Thanksgiving or fall?

Also - - I love baking breads during fall and I LOVE these paper loaf tins...

They come with tags AND twine so it makes delivering a loaf of bread super easy!

Over at Fry's Food Stores {Kroger}...

ALL kinds of colors of pumpkins.
{You can never have enough WHITE!}

SUPER cute soup bowls.
Only $3.19.
I think I may stock up because wouldn't these be fun to fill like with a package of soup mix and some crackers and deliver to someone who isn't feeling well?


Ok - I ran over to Marshall's today for something and....

...these caught my attention!!!!
Stop it! 
I must go back and buy some for white elephant gifts. 
{Read them all! LoL!}

At JoAnn's I wanted to buy EVERYTHING but left the store with NOTHING....
{I occasionaly DO have a smidge of will power}

Isn't this sign board the CUTEST?!
And guess what? 
ALL of their fall stuff is ALREADY 60% off SO...this signboard is only $19.99...but here's the kicker!!!! JoAnn's has an online coupon for an additional 20% off this weekend only!!!!!!

Bargain, right? 

Why do I love cute paper plates so much?!


Yarned {is that a word?} ball garland.

SO stinkin cute!


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Banana Cream Coconut Cake!

My dad's birthday is coming up next week and he loves 2 flavors more than anything...

Coconut and Banana Cream.

{Fun Fact: He also loves orange circus peanuts {ew!} and back in the day he LOVED himself a chocolate Coke {double ew!}

Last year I decided to concoct a cake to his liking -- I had no idea what I was doing really - - and to my surprise I came up with something delicious. 

I feel the need to re-share this yummy recipe because I had totally forgotten about it and I will be making it again soon!

This cake was SO moist {ew!} and flavorful.
We served it with a side of vanilla ice-cream and it totally hit the spot. 

Guess what else? It's SUPER easy.
{That's how I roll.}

Marci's Coconut Banana Cream Cake

1 box of white cake mix 

Make and bake in a 9x13 pan according to directions on package and then let completely cool. 

Mix together:

1 can of Cream of Coconut 
{found in the same aisle/right next to coconut milk}

1 can sweetened condensed milk

Poke holes all over your cake with the end of a wooden spoon.  Pour 3/4 of the cream mixture on top of cake. {That last 1/4 just makes it too much so stop at 3/4}.

Mix together 1 tub of Cool Whip and 1/2 package Banana Cream instant pudding mix.

Frost the top of the cake with this and sprinkle with coconut. 
Serve with a few slices of banana.


Monday, August 27, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday morning grocery shopping.

I've decided I need to do this more often because I pretty much LOATHE going to the grocery store at ANY time of the day on a Saturday.  

Friday morning it was so not busy and I actually felt calm enough to look at my coupons while shopping!!!  Also - locals - if you don't have the Fry's seriousy need to get it now.  I save SO much money with it!

* Worked in my craft room for the rest of the day...

You guys!
I am {almost} ready to stock my Etsy shop full of Christmas goodness!!!!! I cannot WAIT to share these goodies with you!
I hope you love em as much as I do.

* Date night Friday night HERE with one of our favorite couples!

We LOVE this place!
WE love this couple even more - - we laugh so hard when we're together.

* Saturday we got stuff done around the house and then the boys and their friend had a hankering for chocolate chip cookies so....

You bet your buns we whipped some up!
I can't ever resist fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies.

{Lynda - your Bosch was put to good use over the weekend.  I may even have a new fresh, little treat coming your way tomorrow!}

* Saturday night we celebrated my Mom's birthday!!!

We had a Lamoreaux family adults only dinner HERE.
So yummy.  So fun.
If you know my know she's pretty much the best thing ever!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

Grant gave an awesome talk in Sacrament meeting!

How is he already taller than both my parents?

He had to choose a topic from the 
For Strength of Youth Pamphlet so naturally he chose to speak on....Music and Dancing.😜

* I got to visit 2 other ward Relief Society's afterwards - it's one of my very favorite things about my calling at church.

We announced our big Stake Womens Conference that I'm in charge of {we wanted everyone to be sure to save the date!} and I could not be more thrilled with how well it is all coming together.  If you live nearby - you should totally consider coming.  It's going to be AWESOME!

* We grilled burgers Sunday night and had Joe's sister and brother over.

I'm pretty sure I've blogged about my bro-in-law before.
He's a jack of all trades.

London wanted to enter her school song writing competition and we knew Uncle William was our guy to help make that possible.  

She came up with the cutest little 'rap' song.

Thanks William!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Recipes you should try...

Remember that pool party//bbq I was telling you about last weekend where the hostess made up the most DELICIOUS In-N-Out copycat sauce recipe for our burgers??

She sent me the link.
And I cannot WAIT to try it this weekend!


Found on the blog Dinner Then Dessert HERE...
it's super yummy and looks SUPER easy to whip up! 

The other recipe I need to share with you is my friend Jamie's recipe for homemade granola.

I made some up last week and my family has already gobbled it all gone.  I put some on top of my yogurt, one of my kids ate it as cereal with milk and the another kid ate it just straight out of the Ziplock bag as a snack.  

Super de-lish!
Sorry there's no pic...just trust me on this one.

Homemade Granola
{I halfed this recipe!}

Mix in huge bowl:

18-20 cups Oatmeal
Add in additional items if desired...raisins, almonds, coconut, sunflower seeds...


1 1/2 tsp. salt
2 c. honey
2 c. oil 
{I used coconut oil but you can use regular ole Canola too}
2 c. brown sugar

Remove from heat and add:

2 Tbs. almond extract
2 Tbs. vanilla extract
2 Tbs. coconut extract

Mix all and spread on *greased* cookie sheets.

Bake at 300 for 10 minutes.

Stir and turn mixture and then back for another 10 minutes.

Cool and store.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Back to School Personal Progress Motivator.

Tis the season for all things pencils and gluesticks!

I've created a fun little tag to attach to a pack of colored pencils OR a pencil sharpener to get your youth motivated to start {or continue!} working on their PERSONAL PROGRESS!

Details HERE.
There are 8 tags on a page!

This tag is also apart of my 12 month Personal Progress SET!   A tag for EVERY month and EVERY occasion!

Details on the full set HERE.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Also...I've been working like crazy to add new products to my Etsy shop for the holidays and I CANNOT WAIT to show you what I've got up my sleeve!! 

Hoping to give you some sneek peeks next week!

Monday, August 20, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday morning pedicure.

My feet were SO nasty...they had to break out the electrical tools.  

* A quick trip to the Gilbert Temple afterwards.
LOVED seeing all of the brides and grooms with their families taking pictures outside of the Temple as I walked in.  
Makes my heart so happy.

* Cafe Rio lunch afterwards.

Their sweet pork salad >>> everywhere else.

* Friday night the boys had tumbling so instead of driving back and forth and back and forth to the studio {anyone else feel like they spend ALL of their time in their car?} I brought my laptop + my Grandpa's WW2 letters and typed away at a restaurant next door.

I'm sure I've said it before BUT....

The things that I am learing about my Grandma and Grandpa from back when they were newlyweds are priceless!!!!

{Fun Fact: My Grandma Lamoreaux used to swing her right arm when she walked - - JUST LIKE ME! 😂 I never even knew this!}

* Saturday was full of errands, grocery shopping, a dance meeting and laundry.

* Hip Hop Crew pool party // BBQ on Saturday night.

Such a cute bunch of boys!
Also - my friend made a copycat recipe for In N' Out's special sauce for us to put on our burgers.  SOOOOO good.  I'm gonna find the recipe on Pinterest and share it! 

* We left the boys at the swim party and headed to another party.  Our ward hosted an adult DECADES DANCE and it was such a hoot to see everyone dressed up!

The 80s were there...

'Jorts' from the 90s were there...

And my cute friend ROCKED the baggy jeans with the boxer shorts hanging out.  Classic.

* Churchey Church on Sunday followed by an afternoon nap.

We grilled steaks for dinner with baked potatoes, veggies and biscuits.

Sunday dinners are my FAVORITE!
Who's with me?

Thursday, August 16, 2018

2fer Tuesday {on Thursday}.


So good!
These would be good sprinkled on top of yogurt, too!

We LOVE this in our scrambled eggs.
Gives it just the extra flavor scrambled eggs need.

It's also good on top of chicken breasts in the crockpot all day.  

{They sell a BIG thing of it at Costco if you REALLY like it.}



Who doesn't love the GGs?

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday morning started out here...

It was the perfect start to my weekend and just what I've been needing.

* Afterwards I decided to try a new little restaurant that opened up close by for breakfast...

I can't wait to go back and try everything else.

This crossaint practically melted right in my mouth.
SO SO good.
{Locals - it just opened up at San Tan Mall.}

* Friday night was our annual Back to School BINGO night!

 I love that our PTO does this each year.
It's always so much fun for the kiddies.

And jackpot!! I actually won a round!
London was thrilled.

* Dessert afterwards at a dear friend's house with some fun couples. So fun to just relax and visit. 

* Saturday morning we attended the baptism of one of our favorite friends... 

I always get teary eyed at baptisms.
They're pretty much my favorite.

Brunch afterwards at our friends' house.
She made the most DELISH homemade granola to go on top of yogurt - - I need to ask her if I can share the recipe.  It was SO good!

* Saturday night the boys headed off to a pool party so London, Joe and I went on a date to one of our favorite spots.

I spent the rest of the evening working on Etsy orders.

So grateful for this little shop of mine.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

We lounged around afterwards all day in our jammies and it was just what we all needed after such a busy week.

* It RAINED Sunday night!!
{Rain is oh so rare here in AZ!}

Since it's SO rare - - we always let the kids play outside in it, when it does actually happen.

They were drenched from head to toe and could not have been happier.

* We ended the weekend with our favorite Sunday meal.

Pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy + veggies.