Friday, August 3, 2018

August Ministering // Friendship Tags.

Each month I get lots of questions from fellow blog readers asking me if I'm still doing my 'Visiting Teaching' tags.  
But for 'Ministering'.

The answer is 100% YES!! 

I've just renamed them to FRIENDSHIP TAGS because now they can be used for ANYONE // ANYTIME of the year!

Speaking of time of the year.....
CHERRIES ARE ON SALE like everywhere!

Which is how I came up with my August Tags!

Fill a basket up with cherries, attach this tag and your friends will feel loved forever.  Ok, maybe not forever...but you'll for sure be their favorite at least for awhile.

You don't even really NEED fresh cherries, per say.

You could also use:

- A bottle of CHERRY 7-UP
- CHERRY blossom hand lotion
- Chocolate covered CHERRIES 
{They have these at the $ store.  The good kind.}
- Stuff to make a CHERRY limeade
- - - - you get the jist, right?

Download my FREE cherry tags HERE.

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