Friday, August 31, 2018

Fun Finds Friday.

Target's $ bins are stocked with all things 
FALL and HALLOWEEN right now and it is making me 

Cute PLASTIC black and orange cake stands!

I love these plastic plates for only $1.
They're the perfect little something to deliver treats on.

Isn't this ceramic dish beautiful?
I just love it - $5.

These cute coffins are also ceramic and would be the perfect little something to fill up with candy, tie a bow around, and give to someone. 

I'm still obsesse with succulents.
How about you?

The above ones are only $1.
Below ones are $3.

Need a glitter banner for Thanksgiving or fall?

Also - - I love baking breads during fall and I LOVE these paper loaf tins...

They come with tags AND twine so it makes delivering a loaf of bread super easy!

Over at Fry's Food Stores {Kroger}...

ALL kinds of colors of pumpkins.
{You can never have enough WHITE!}

SUPER cute soup bowls.
Only $3.19.
I think I may stock up because wouldn't these be fun to fill like with a package of soup mix and some crackers and deliver to someone who isn't feeling well?


Ok - I ran over to Marshall's today for something and....

...these caught my attention!!!!
Stop it! 
I must go back and buy some for white elephant gifts. 
{Read them all! LoL!}

At JoAnn's I wanted to buy EVERYTHING but left the store with NOTHING....
{I occasionaly DO have a smidge of will power}

Isn't this sign board the CUTEST?!
And guess what? 
ALL of their fall stuff is ALREADY 60% off SO...this signboard is only $19.99...but here's the kicker!!!! JoAnn's has an online coupon for an additional 20% off this weekend only!!!!!!

Bargain, right? 

Why do I love cute paper plates so much?!


Yarned {is that a word?} ball garland.

SO stinkin cute!


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