Monday, August 6, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I had an eye appointment at Costco.

My eyes are really bad. 
Like really REALLY bad.
Like my glasses that I wear at night look like Coke bottles.

I sat probably 3 feet away from this display while I waited to be seen {without my contacts on!} and this whole thing was entire FUZZ to me!!
 I couldn't see a thing. 

* Friday night Joe went to the Dbacks game with some co-workers....

One of his suppliers rented out the Dbacks pool on the field!
Fun Fact: It's only a cool $5,000 to rent it out.
Make your reservations soon! 😂😂😂

* London had a sleepover at Grandma Marilyn's with her girl  cousins.

Image via Marilyn

Is this not the cutest little Besties Squad you ever did see?
Thanks Grandma for the matching shirts!!

* So that left the boys and I.....

We got haircuts...and as you can see they were THRILLED about it...

And then ate dinner at Moreno's.

Much happier here than the haircut place!

I dream about this salad sometimes.
It is SO good!

* Saturday we attended a SURPRISE party for one of our favorite ladies!

We LOVE Joyceeeeee and were so happy to celebrate the big 65 with her!

It makes my heart so happy to think that 2 of these ladies were my kids' school teachers...and now they've become just like family to us!

Such a fun day.  
The yummiest taco bar...

...and Joe gave lessons on how to do 'the floss'.
{He's pretty much an expert.}

* Once we got back home.....

...the boys hung with friends all night and London konked right on out on our couch.
{Swimming in this heat is exhausting!}

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

I had another Stake Womens Conference meeting at my house on Sunday night.

I am working with the most fabulous ladies on this big event and I am OH SO excited about it!!! 


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