Monday, August 20, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday morning pedicure.

My feet were SO nasty...they had to break out the electrical tools.  

* A quick trip to the Gilbert Temple afterwards.
LOVED seeing all of the brides and grooms with their families taking pictures outside of the Temple as I walked in.  
Makes my heart so happy.

* Cafe Rio lunch afterwards.

Their sweet pork salad >>> everywhere else.

* Friday night the boys had tumbling so instead of driving back and forth and back and forth to the studio {anyone else feel like they spend ALL of their time in their car?} I brought my laptop + my Grandpa's WW2 letters and typed away at a restaurant next door.

I'm sure I've said it before BUT....

The things that I am learing about my Grandma and Grandpa from back when they were newlyweds are priceless!!!!

{Fun Fact: My Grandma Lamoreaux used to swing her right arm when she walked - - JUST LIKE ME! 😂 I never even knew this!}

* Saturday was full of errands, grocery shopping, a dance meeting and laundry.

* Hip Hop Crew pool party // BBQ on Saturday night.

Such a cute bunch of boys!
Also - my friend made a copycat recipe for In N' Out's special sauce for us to put on our burgers.  SOOOOO good.  I'm gonna find the recipe on Pinterest and share it! 

* We left the boys at the swim party and headed to another party.  Our ward hosted an adult DECADES DANCE and it was such a hoot to see everyone dressed up!

The 80s were there...

'Jorts' from the 90s were there...

And my cute friend ROCKED the baggy jeans with the boxer shorts hanging out.  Classic.

* Churchey Church on Sunday followed by an afternoon nap.

We grilled steaks for dinner with baked potatoes, veggies and biscuits.

Sunday dinners are my FAVORITE!
Who's with me?