Friday, September 14, 2018

Fun Finds Friday.

I love it when I browse thru the $ bins at Target and they've put out NEW stuff!

These cute little things are CANDLES and they come in all different fall-ish flavors!
{You take the lid off first, of course😂.}

Everything about these I LOVE!
I didn't buy any but I'm going back to do so.
The more I look at them, the more I want/need them!

If you're planning to BOO people this Halloween...they have these cute tags back in the Fall/Halloween section.  

And how much do we LOVE this felt wreath???

Speaking of felt...back in the $ bins...

...they have succulent FELT banners that are OH SO cute!


Might have to see if FORTNITE has closed captions 
Who's with me?

Also, also....

Whhhhyyyyyyy is this style coming back in?????

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