Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Recipes // Meal Prep to Try!

I've sorta been killing it with trying NEW recipes this week.

Usually, I find myself in a recipe funk....making the same ole' same ole' each night for dinner. 

In an attempt to become more organized and ready and prepared {ha! will this seriously EVER happen?} I've decided to start TRYING the recipies that I save on Facebook and Pin on Pinterest.  Such an idea, right? 😂

Anyways....I'm sharing with you today the ones that were a HIT this week with my family!!

from Eazy Peazy Meals

{I may have referred to this one, after it was made, as 'Bomb A*& Chicken'.  Try it and you'll see why.}

For my veggies I used...petite carrots, green beans, red potatoes and zuchinni.

The recipe says to cook this for 30 minutes at 400 Degrees but I don't like my veggies crunchy and they clearly weren't done yet so I ended up cooking my pan for 50 minutes and it turned out perfectly!

{This one would also be good to make up ahead and divide out into contatiners for week day lunches.}


From Tasty

This one has been a good one to have on hand in the refrigerator for a sweet snack.

{Lasts up to 5 days in the fridge or can be frozen}.

I heat mine up for about 30 seconds before eating it.

Another option - - would be to heat it up in a bowl and add some milk and eat it like oatmeal.

* * * These muffins have a slightly different texture.  I'm sure not everyone will love them BUT...I love pumpkin + chocolate anything and they curved my sweet tooth perfectly so I didn't mind. * * * 

Scrambled Egg Cups

These were a GINORMOUS hit with my family.  I'll be making more for sure.  The possibilites with this one are basically just throw in whatever you like.  

The way I made them....

I just did 12 eggs, mixed em in a bowl with some milk. Greased my muffin pan. I put turkey sausage on the bottom and then some chopped green peppers and onions, then some shredded cheese, and then the egg mixture. Bake at 350 Degrees for 22-25 minutes. So good! I'm going to try em with crumbled bacon next. 

Make sure and grease your muffin pan EXTRA well!

Lastly...I have yet to try a Pillsbury recipe and not LOVE it...

Image in point these....

 These are easy AND delicious!

I even made some for my child who loathes mashed potatoes {but LOVES baked potatoes? go figure!} with just the meat mixture.

I also added shredded cheese on the tops of my mashed potatoes and I just used a cookie scoop to add a scoop to the top of each cup. 


I hope you love all these recipes as much as we did.

I'm all about the 'tried and true' recipes.

What are YOUR go-to YUMMY recipes that you use on the regular??  I'd love to hear!

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    I do not use mushrooms
    I sometimes make it Italian or even use seafood and red pasta sauce or white sauce. Freeze well