Wednesday, September 5, 2018

September Friendship // Ministering Tags.

September is here and just an FYI -
the first day of FALL is officially Sept. 22nd!

I cannot wait.
{Even though 'fall' doesn't typically happen here til the end of Ocotober.
  We can pretend, right?}

FALL {as you can probably already tell} was the inspiration for my Friendship Tags this month!

I LOVE making soup this time of year and who doesn't like receiving it??  If you don't feel like making anything homemade.....go for the pre-packaged stuff...sometimes it's just as good!

There are so many different ways you can pair up my Tag #2:

Apples, a mini pie, a bag of caramels, a bag of chocolates...anything goes!!

I hope this gives you some inspiration to surprise someone with a little treat this month!!  Make someone's day!!  

And if you 'minister' to anyone...this is the PERFECT excuse to drop by their house and tell em you love em!

These tags are FREE to download!!

Soup tags HERE

Fall tags HERE

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  1. Thank you! Always awesome tags!

  2. Love your ideas and I think this idea of friendship tags is awesome. Thank you for posting them and giving us the opportunity to have something nice to deliver each month. If it isn't too much trouble I would like to have the option of 4 on a page. It makes them a little smaller.

  3. Thanks your ideas and free tags. I love it!