Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Temple {Wedding Dress} Hangers.


I love this time of year.
Even though it's still miserably hot here in Arizona and feels NOTHING quite like fall just yet....I know that cooler temps are on the horizon and the holidays are just around the corner!

{FYI: tomorrow I'll be posting my September Friendship/Ministering Tags for those of you who have asked, so make sure to check back.  I haven't forgotten!}

I'm in the process of stocking my Etsy Shop FULL OF LOTS of goodies.  LOTS! And I'm super excited about them ALL!

I've put A LOT of time and energy into making these items JUST how I want them to be and I do hope you enjoy them too.

Christmas, church, friends...there is something for EVERYONE! 

Each day this week I'll share with you something NEW in the shop....and today it is my Temple Hangers...

If you teach Young Womens at church, you know by now that the Mutual theme for this year has been based off of the scripture D&C 19:23 Peace in Christ.

These hangers are to serve as a REMINDER to your girls, as they hang it in their closet, that some day....they'll be hanging their wedding dress on it and meanwhile...they need to be 'hanging' onto their values...in order to get them to the temple.

These make the perfect little gifts for your 
Young Women in Excellence programs and/or Christmas!

Included with this hanger is a free download of my
 "Hang on to your Values" tag. 

You can punch a hole in em, attach to the hanger and wa-lah! The perfect little something!

I offer 2 different versions of these hangers.

One is personalized with names and a bow HERE.
One has just the Peace in Christ theme with the year HERE.

Be sure to head on over to my shop for even more details!

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