Friday, October 19, 2018

Fun Finds Friday.


I hope you all are having a fabulous fall.
It's actually cooled down enough here in AZ to be able to open up our windows!! I love it when that happens.

Just a few FUN FINDS this between prepping for our annual Halloween party and getting the kids back to school, I haven't had much extra time.

HOW DARLING are these PAPER, yes paper plates at 

They're part of The Pioneer Woman line and darn that Rae Drummond if she doesn't produce the CUTEST {and yummiest!} stuff...I don't know WHO does!

Gold plastic cutlery?
Yes, please! 
Why didn't I not buy up every last one of these items to save for later???

Over at Michaels I spied these darling little jar lids...

Thought it might be fun to fill a jar up with some Halloween candy, add one of these toppers and give out to neighbors or somethin.

Have you guys tried these chips from Trader Joe's before??

Soooooo yummy!
They have a hint of cilantro and lime in them!

Also yummy....

Found this bread at my grocery store {Fry's} and it makes DEE-LISH French Toast.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Our Weekend at the Cabin.

On the night of my 40th birthday we packed up our car and headed to the mountains to spend the weekend with Joe's side of the family at a cabin in Pinetop, Arizona.

The weather was dreamy, the leaves were gorgeous and the company was wonderful!

On Day 1 we...

Collected wildflowers...

Went on a nature walk...

Fed the ducks...

Rode GO-Carts

Played games...

Made crafts with Grandma...

And ate homemade mexican food for dinner.

It was pretty perfect.

On Day 2 we....

Went on another nature walk {you can never do too many of these when you're in the mountains surrounded by TREES!}

I started a new book....

Oh my gosh YOU GUYS!!!!
I could do a whole blog post JUST on this book! I read the whole thing within 24 hours - - SO SO GOOD {and sad, and disturbing, and intriguing}. 

We had so much fun we pooped ourselves out that day.

Our last day of the weekend was mostly spent...
you guessed it....outside again.
{The weather was SOOOOO awesome and fall like!}

These trees!!!!
They reminded me a sliver of what it felt like, growing up in Virginia and I MISS IT THERE this time of year.  Always!

The kids start school back up tomorrow after a 2 1/2 week Fall Break and this Cabin Trip was just the re-charge we all needed before getting back into the grind of things.

Thank you Coombs Fam for making it such a blast!

Friday, October 12, 2018


Yesterday I turned the big 4-0.

I swear it seems like just yesterday my college roommates were throwing me a surprise party for my 21st birthday!  

And now I'm 40.

How on earth did this happen??

I had a wonderful day and felt so loved by
 family and dear friends.

My sweet friend Molly sent all the way from Reno, a birthday package filled with confetti filled balloons, a banner and my big 4-0 Mylar balloons.  She wanted to make sure my house got decorated since she wasn't there to do it herself.

My darling friends who I have been friends with since pre-kids surprised me at breakfast with:

40 Polar Pops from Circle K
40 Diet Dr. Peppers
40 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups


Isn't that so clever?? And sweet?

This gift from one of my bestie's in Florida {Joe's cousin, who actutally introduced us!} made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!  And then LAUGH some more!!!

In case you're wondering...she made me a tool belt {don't ask...} and it says 'Grab a Hump and Hang On for another 40 Year Humpathon.'

I died.

I used to work as a DJ at a radio station called 'Camel Country' and our motto was "Grab a Hump and Hang On"

True story.
And we'll never forget it.😂

Two of my sweetest friends spoiled me on my birthday eve with dinner at Oregano's {my fave} and a giant basket filled with Rae Dunn stuff {another fave!}

Birthday lunch at Someburro's with my parents and sis.

Did you know they give you $10 free credit there on your bday?

We finished the day off by driving up the mountains to stay in a cabin for the weekend with Joe's family.  

My sweet mother-in-law had this waiting for me....

Of course it wasn't already eaten, haha.  We devoured it so fast I forgot to take a pic until after the damage was done.

My very favorite Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake from 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
I know that some of you have sent me birthday wishes via social media and I am OH SO excited to read them all.  I seriously can't wait.

I am participating in a 10 day social media fast right now.  For me that Instagram, Facebook or Twitter until Thursday.

I can do hard things.

THANK YOU to everyone who has made me feel SO VERY loved on my special day!  

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Disneyland Day 2.

Our second day at the parks was spent entirely over at Disneyland.  There is something SO very magical about this place and I just love it like a 4 year old does.  

Space Mountain at Halloweentime is turned into 'Ghost Galaxy' and the kids wanted to ride this ride FIRST!

It was spooky and fast and made me feel like
 I had vertigo 😂.

We rode the Autopia cars next....

And then grabbed an early lunch at our VERY favorite place...

The Corn Dog cart!

It just does not get ANY better than Disneyland's corndogs.

Fun Fact though: We spent MORE on lunch at the corndog cart than we did on filling our car up with gas on the way to Disneyland 😅

Worth every penny.

The Haunted Mansion at Halloweentime is an absloute MUST! They do such a cute job with it.

The kids and Joe rode Splash Mountain about 10 times.
This was my one and only 😅 because - remember how I hate getting wet on rides?

{London's face though! 😂😂😂}

My family humored me and rode It's A Small World with me.

It's seriously one of my VERY favorite rides!

As are The Teacups....

We made reseravations prior to getting to the park at the Carnation Cafe for dinner.

This place has become another one of our favorite spots.
It's the best when you can eat on their outside patio, relax and people watch.  All while eating DELICIOUS food.

Their fried chicken is amazing and they even celebrated my {early} birthday by treating me to a cupcake!

More rides after dinner and then MORE dessert at the Golden Horshoe Cafe...

This churro sundae was everything I dreamed it would be AND MORE.  Another seasonal item... so make sure to try it if you're going soon!

We closed out the park and were completely pooped by the end of the night.

Until next time Disneyland!

Two things worth mentioning:

1.  The Max Fast Pass for an extra $10 is WORTH EVERY PENNY!  Buy it.  You won't regret it.

2.  Carson and London's cute shirts are from Happiest Threads.  We LOVE this cute shop!