Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Coombs Halloween Party 2018.

As promised, I'm sharing EVERY last, little detail from our annual Halloween party last weekend.

This event is always one of my family's favorites!
We have SO much fun together with 3 other families that we've been friends with since BEFORE we all started having kids!

EVERYONE comes in costume WHICH I LOVE!

London was a UNICORN...

...which meant, naturally, I put my PUN skills to work and I became a....

UNI-corn, also!
{She wasn't really amused but dang I thought I was funny!}

This also meant that Joe needed to join in and he was a....
{and when I say 'needed' I mean 'I made him'}

...Candy corn!

As for the boys...

One was a {dapper} giraffe.... 
and the other was an...

Inflatible dinosaur.

Our sweet friends came dressed darling as ever....

We had a baked potatoe bar with chili, cornbread and mini Hawaiian sandwiches...

I even threw in some free SHOTS for the kids...mwhahaha!

I searched all over for cherry syrup flavoring but since I couldn't find any....I ended up just using cherry Gatorade.

These were a HUGE hit and I should've made up about 20 more for them to taste.

For the adult table I went with a black, white and purple color scheme...

And for the kids table I had each place setting marked with a plastic candy filled glove.

Our yearly game of FEAR FACTOR was hands down the highlight of our evening.  Little did I even know....my daughter can eat crickets and meal worms like the best of them! and my husband can chow down on pigs feet like it's nobody's business! 

I'll be sharing all of these game rules//directions with you tomorrow so make sure to check back if you're hosting a party this year!

The winning family of the FEAR FACTOR game scored a Swig gift card and some Swig-a-licious cookes to go home and make.

As for party favors....we gave to each family...

A Pumpkin Bread mix from Trader Joe's.
{My fave!}
I had high hopes of MAKING my own pumpkin chocolate chip bread but quickly realized I was running out of time, so store bought was the next best thing!

Like the favor tags?
I've created them as a FREE download to share with you!

Click HERE to print your own tags out!
Deliver with a warm loaf of bread this weekend or .... make it easy and BUY it like I did!

{If you're passing out bread to neighbors this holiday season...I've gotcha covered with some custom Christmas tags HERE, too.

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  1. Oh my heavens I might have lost my breakfast lol so so fun


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