Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Disneyland Day 1.

Ohhhh Disneyland, how we LOVE you!

Our first day was spent over at California Adventure.

The kids were SUPER stoked to check out all of the new changes since they had transformed things to the Pixar Pier.

Our first stop....

Guardians of the Galaxy!

I LOVE this ride! Which is pretty funny because I HATED Tower of Terror.

Being able to ride ALL the rides together as a family is pretty much golden.  That said...only a couple us rode this ride again after dark when it changed to spooky-ville. 
{I would  not recommend it for little kids.}

Cars Land was up next...

We have a tradition of eating at Flo's V8 Cafe for breakfast each time we are there and man OH man it is tasty!!

Their breakfast tamales + brioche french toast are AMAZEballs.

I don't think I'll ever get used to the whole 'no lids' thing.
It slightly skeeves me out, knowing that germs are just flying in and outta my beverage.  But whatever.

The Incredicoaster was everything we had hoped for and more.  

We got soaking wet on the Grizzly River Run...

I loathe getting wet on rides.
Joe and the kids went on to ride it several more times.
Me? Not so much.

The kids traded pins....

{I seriously think I need to start my own collection.  I love this way too much!}

I made everyone ride Mickey's Fun Wheel {the SWINGING carts!} with me because it's my FAVORITE....my kids? Not so much.

We ate lots of churros....

...but ya wanna know what's EVEN BETTER than their churros?

The warm, soft, gooey chocolate chip cookies at Jack-Jack Cookie Num Num {right outside of the Incredicoaster}.

This may be our new favorite treat!

Down at the bottom of the park they have a whole "Coco" scene set up and it does not disappoint.

Fun Fact: "Coco" might just be one of my all time favorite movies.  I feel such a connection to it.  And I cry EVERY time I see it.  

We tried a new spot for lunch this time.

The 'Anti-Vampire' pizza was DIVINE!
It's only there for Hallowen time so make sure to try it if you go soon!! It's got garlic....and chicken....and I don't know what else but it was SOOOO GOOD!


Cars opted for fried chicken at the new Poultry Palace...

And then we sent the kids off to wait in some lines while Joe and I enjoyed the COCO CHURRO cake all by ourselves - - also a seasonal item just for Halloween.

It was worth EVERY last calorie, too!!!

We had so much dang fun on Day 1.

We left with our bellies full, our feet ready to fall off of our legs from walking so much, and our heart's content.

{The Snack Crawl shirts that my kids are wearing are from Happiest Threads. This is the CUTEST shop if you're headed to the Diz anytime soon!}

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  1. Guardians was AMAZING! I was not a fan of Tower of Terror. So glad when it closed. Loved watching all your instagram pics.


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