Friday, October 19, 2018

Fun Finds Friday.


I hope you all are having a fabulous fall.
It's actually cooled down enough here in AZ to be able to open up our windows!! I love it when that happens.

Just a few FUN FINDS this between prepping for our annual Halloween party and getting the kids back to school, I haven't had much extra time.

HOW DARLING are these PAPER, yes paper plates at 

They're part of The Pioneer Woman line and darn that Rae Drummond if she doesn't produce the CUTEST {and yummiest!} stuff...I don't know WHO does!

Gold plastic cutlery?
Yes, please! 
Why didn't I not buy up every last one of these items to save for later???

Over at Michaels I spied these darling little jar lids...

Thought it might be fun to fill a jar up with some Halloween candy, add one of these toppers and give out to neighbors or somethin.

Have you guys tried these chips from Trader Joe's before??

Soooooo yummy!
They have a hint of cilantro and lime in them!

Also yummy....

Found this bread at my grocery store {Fry's} and it makes DEE-LISH French Toast.

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